From Dr. Mercola, Buyer Beware With Herbs and Tea

D. Mercola on the best herbal supplements and Chinese herbsIf you are buying herb supplements, especially Chinese herb supplements, which are virtually unregulated or controlled in America, you must  see what Dr. Mercola has to say.  Many Western countries including Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia have strict regulations regarding who can sell herbal supplements and who can import herbs. But not here in the states.  America is a bit like the wild west.  Anything pretty much goes! 

Don’t get me wrong, government regulation can and does get completely out of control, but we do need some standards of quality assurance.  ‘Consumer labs’ does provide reports on everything thing from Chinese herbs to vitamins and other natural supplements so this is always a good place to check on the brands you purchase. 

We are proud to offer only the highest quality, tested and certified herbal products on the market. Our manufacturer, (see our virtual factory tour here) is known worldwide for it’s pharmaceutical factory processing with state of the art equipment. All Pacific Herb products undergo laboratory assurance tests for potency, pesticide contaminants, and toxicity testing. Do your herbal supplements go through this testing?

.  Dr. Mercola on the importance of knowing where and how your herbs are processed.   The first minute are two he talks about adaptogenic herbs the remainder is about  the importance of herbal processing and quality