How To Harmonize Your Health With Licorice Root

Pacific Herbs uses highest quality licorice in its formulas

We have all heard of licorice, but what it is used FOR, is a bit of a mystery. Licorice is used in nearly every Chinese herbal formula (and there are thousands) because it is known to “harmonize the formula”.


Well, what the heck does that mean?  Because licorice root can ameliorate the blood (make it better by kick starting your blood and energy), it facilitates the gastrointestinal tract's absorption process of the herbs in the formula.  Researchers have been studying this process for years, and although scientists do not completely understand the “how” of why licorice does what it does, it is known that it does work.


Licorice root “harmonizes” herbal formulas by helping your GI tract.  Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root has been used to treat stomach ulcers, it has antioxidant qualities (the root contains flavonoids), contains amino acids that help build healthy cells and muscles, and treats upper respiratory infections, viral infections and a sore throat. Amazingly, it is classified as an adaptogen, and helps the body deal with stress! What a versatile chinese herb!


It is important to know that it's better to use the whole herb rather than chemicals isolated from the herb because all the components of the herb together produce the desired effect. Once again, we get back to "harmony".


You can read more about how the Chinese herb, licorice root, in these articles:

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All Pacific Herbs products are produced using the gold standard of pharmaceutical grade processing to ensure the most potent formulation, then stored in convenient packets that are air, water and light tight. This unique packaging keeps the all-natural compounds in our Herb Packet vital for an unprecedented 4-year shelf life while offering the convenience of a highly portable, pocket-sized pack that can be taken anywhere. The herbal ingredients are tasty and available in a powder that can be dissolved in your mouth or in hot or cold water.


Additionally, Pacific Herbs products are the most potent on the market, using the highest quality Chinese herbs available that are both safe and effective. Our manufacturing facility has state-of-the-art equipment to cook, dry and package botanicals. All Pacific Herbs Chinese herbal products are extensively tested for pesticides and other contaminants. Pacific Herbs Packets are stamped with a lot number traceable to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) of testing date. Manufacturing is under strict Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.


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Energy Drinks With Carnitine Dangerous Link For Heart Disease

A study just released from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio shows energy drinks with carnitine, a common additive not always disclosed on the labels, has been tied to heart disease.  The amount of carnitine found in energy drinks varies and may be harmful especially in doses of more than 3 grams daily.  The Cleveland Clinic study showed carnitine contributes to hardening of the arteries.

The research group, led by Dr. Hazen, section head of preventive cardiology and rehabilitation, found the link between heart disease and carnitine and the bacteria in the intestine that digests carnitine.  If you ever wondered why docotors recommend limiting red meat in your diet if you have heart issues, it it’s because carnitine is also found in red meat.

“It’s shifting their [gut] flora to one that’s more likely to promote atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries,” said Dr. Hazen.  “I wouldn’t want my family members drinking these.”


Is Goji Berry The Best Chinese Herb For The Elderly?

Chinese herbs for energyIt really doesn't matter what your age, goji berries are a healthy food for everyone. But, if you are over 65, goji's could be extremely beneficial by enhancing your immune system, according to a recent study.  


Goji berries are also know as Wolf berries and they taste great and are such an easy snacking food or drink, how can anyone ignore them today?  

A new study done by Nestle and some scientists in China decided to test out a milk based formulation of goji berries. They studied healthy Chinese people age 65 to 70 and gave them a "lacto-wolfberry" supplement to improve their immune system. The same group was also given a seasonal influenza vaccine. The study was recently published in the scientific journal called Rejuvenation Research.  


The results showed that while all the participants had increased levels of influenza-specific antibodies after being vaccinated, those who had consumed lacto-wolfberry had a higher increase in antibodies than those in the control group. This means that the people who had consumed lacto-wolfberry could fight infection better and their immune system was working better. “People’s natural ability to fight infection often declines as they age, as does their capacity to develop effective vaccine response,” says Dr Karine Vidal, the scientist from the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland who led the study.


Goji berries have become popular in the U.S. and throughout Europe in the last few years.  The small red berries have been eaten and used in Chinese herbal medicine in Asian cultures for centuries.  Today research has established high antioxidant properties and energy enhancing properties in these small little red fruits.  We add goji berries to our Energy Booster Herb Pack for exactly this reason.  They also help make our Energy Booster taste great!  Try some today! Not only will you feel the nice energy boost, but you will also be enjoying several immune boosting herbs including ginseng.  


Energy Drinks Reviewed On Dr. Oz

happy energyOne of the funniest Dr. Oz Shows I ever saw was his show about a new miracle energy drink.  Last season on a Dr. Oz show, the audience was given a new energy shot before the show and then asked if they could feel it working at the beginning of the show.  Many audience members volunteered to share how they felt after drinking this "miracle" drink, and many said they felt more energetic and really liked how it was working.


The twist was that the drink they were given was nothing more than water.


It was an embarrassing moment for many!


Dr. Oz's guest, Dr. Keri Peterson mentioned one of the biggest problem right now with energy drinks is the fact that any person at any age can buy these highly caffeinated and highly sweetened drinks.   Grade school and middle school kids are now purchasing them for a quick spurt of energy.  This is definitely not healthy for kids and the biggest problem is that most of the drinks do not label how much caffeine they contain.


New York's attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman has starting a campaign to get the makers of energy drinks to be more transparent.  He says the manufacturers are "duping" consumers with claims of ingredients like guarana and ginseng, but really the ingredient providing the stimulant effect is caffeine.  Consumers should be told how much caffeine is in any given product.


If you are needing a boost of natural energy, consider Energy Booster Herb Pack. It contains only natural herbs ike ginseng, goji berries and other herbs with extensive research on their natural energy enhancing properties.  These Chinese herbs are prized around the world and are non-addictive. 


There is no caffeine in Pacific Herbs Energy Booster packets. 


The best part of Energy Booster Herb Pack is the ease of adding it to a bottle or glass of water.  Definitely a turbo boost that will get you through your afternoon or your workout with a sustained feeling that your body provides naturally.  I like to eat the powder right from the stay fresh packets.  It tastes so great and works so fast.  I love it because I know I'm giving my body a healthy boost of energy, not a cup of caffeine, sugar or other chemicals.

Energy Drinks Are Banned – Herbs Are Caffeine Alternative

Herbal energy drinksA sign of the times…. a school board in Florida decided it does not want the kids and teens attending their schools to be hyped up on energy drinks full of caffeine.  Fantastic!   Way to go Manatee Florida!!!!

Healthy teenagers should have no shartage of energy and no need for caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and Full Throttle, which are just a few the school board recently banned.

Research has shown energy drinks contain high quantities of sugar, caffeine and other unregulated additives that can pose dangers for children and teens.

Energy drinks have also been found to contribute to anxiety and depression in addition to interfering with medications. High caffeine levels also affect blood pressure, brain function and heart rate. The ban will be imposed for the 2012-2013 school year and  students caught with energy drinks could face suspension.

Even though teens are often pushed to exhaustion with home work and sports activities, a sugary, caffinated energy drink is not the answer.  (or a drink loaded with artifical sweetners)  If you want to stay alert, focused and energized without caffeine ckeck out our Energy Booster Herb Pack.  It's loaded with natural herbal alternatives that have proven benefits for boosting endurance, focus and clarity. 


Ginseng Fights Fatigue Says Mayo Clinic

natural herbal energy boostersNeed more energy, REAL energy that sustains you and not just a quick jolt of caffeine?   The most famous Chinese herb, ginseng, now has more proof on its fatigue fighting abilities.  

According to the Mayo Clinic, American Ginseng taken for 8 weeks can help decrease cancer-related fatigue symptoms.

This latest study was done in 40 community medical centers in the U.S and Canada on 364 cancer patients.  Half of the patients studied were undergoing cancer treatment at the time of the study and the other half had already completed cancer treatment.

Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural energy booster, libido booster and overall tonic herb for thousands of years. These new findings, just presented at the American Socity of Clinical Oncology annual meeting found the study participants’ experienced

 "Significant Improvement" in their general exhaustion levels with no apparent side effects.  

Mayo researcher Debra Barton stated "After eight weeks, we saw a 20-point improvement in fatigue in cancer patients, measured on a 100-point, standardized fatigue scale." "Cancer is a prolonged chronic stress experience and the effects can last 10 years beyond diagnosis and treatment," she said. "If we can help the body be better modulated throughout treatment with the use of ginseng, we may be able to prevent severe long-term fatigue."

Along with ginseng's energy boosting benefits it also has been researched and concluded to decrease inflammation and regulate levels of coritisol (a common stress hormone). Energy Booster Herb Pack by Pacific Herbs is a perfect addition for anyone dealing with fatigue because it contains a high dose of ginseng. This energy drink is safe, delicious easy to take and perfectly packaged for everyone on the run.  Energy Booster Herb Pack has No caffeine, NO sugar and NO fillers. Energy booster can be taken as a energy drink or just straight in the mouth. 

Energy Drinks Are Not Sexy!

Health Energy Booster Herb Pack with ginseng Even though energy drinks are readily available in every convenient store and a staple among students for the instant “pick-up”, the facts are now coming out about the damage they cause to your teeth.  Is a temporarily buzz worth all the cavities and what about the other side-effects?

Dental erosion doesn’t have anything to do with hygiene, it doesn’t have anything to do whether you brush your teeth or not. It’s just pure acid in the drink.

Sugar is Not Sexy Either

The other main ingredient in energy drinks is sugar. Energy drinks contain A LOT of sugar! For example a can of Monster energy drink contains 52g of sugar. A teaspoon of sugar weighs about 4g so the Monster drink contains an equivalent of 13 teaspoons of sugar.

This sugar acts to give a quick surge of energy. However an invasion of sugar into the bloodstream activates the release of insulin. Insulin is used by the body to regulate the level of blood sugar at a constant level. Insulin also stimulates the storage of fats and the increase in triglyceride levels. High triglyceride levels usually go in conjunction with low levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Both of these are risk factors in cardiovascular disease.

Eating or drinking sugars per se does not cause diabetes but there has been research that has shown the link between the consumption of sweet drinks and increased levels of diabetes. High sugar levels also depress the immune system. Vitamin C and glucose have similar chemical structures so the process that allows sugar into the cells is the same as that which allows vitamin C into the cells. The result is that the more sugar there is the less Vitamin C there is. White blood cells require Vitamin C, with less, your immune system suffers.

There is also a link between consumption of sugar and teeth decay. Sugars assist plaque to form and develop on teeth. Plaque causes tooth decay. Tooth decay is not only painful it is also costly in terms of dental cover. Energy drinks are a particularly bad form of sugar intake in relation to teeth as they are usually consumed outside mealtimes.

Caffeine – An Adrenaline Rush Your Body Cannot Sustain

Energy drinks usually contain a large amount of caffeine. Some energy drinks have been found to include between three and five times as much caffeine as a can of cola. Caffeine is addictive; as the body gets more tolerant to the effects then increased levels of caffeine will be required to obtain the same level of stimulation. There have been many studies dealing with caffeine and human health over the years which have shown a number of adverse effects on the body:

  • Caffeine is a stimulant and so can cause heart palpitations, insomnia and anxiety attacks.
  • It is a diuretic and so causes your kidneys to remove extra fluid from your body. If this occurs whilst you are exercising then there is a danger of becoming severely dehydrated very quickly. Energy drinks should never be consumed in conjunction with exercise.
  • Caffeine has been shown to have an  adverse effect of the calcium balance in bone health so leading to a greater risk of fractures.
  • Mood or behavioural problems can occur from caffeine intake/
  • There have been links between caffeine intake and cancer.

Advertising for energy drinks is often targeted at children and young adults. You only have to consider advertising and sponsorship of extreme sports, snowboarding and skating. Although these drinks are often directed at adolescents they are the ones that are at greater risk from consuming caffeine. Doctors from the University of Miami paediatrics department warned “Frequently containing high and unregulated amounts of caffeine, these drinks have been reported in association with serious adverse effects, especially in children, adolescents and young adults with seizures, diabetes, cardiac abnormalities, or mood or behavioural disorders and those who take certain medications”. One report found that one can of energy drink given to children aged between five and twelve would result in seven out of the ten of them having consumed dangerous levels of caffeine.

There has also been a trend of mixing the energy drinks with alcohol because it makes the person feel alert and energetic even when they are drunk. This however is a lethal combination as both the caffeine and the alcohol act to dehydrate the body. The cocktail of energy drinks, alcohol, dancing and heat has led to numerous hospitalisations.

The bottom line is that large quantities of caffeine and refined sugars and bad for our bodies. The temporary boost given on the consumption of these drinks is masking the short and long term damage being caused. There are natural alternatives that will provide an energy lift that do not contain the caffeine and sugar. Pacific Herbs has the only all herbal, 500 year old Energy Booster in a packet. Twelve natural herbs like ginseng, goji berries and others which have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Get a boost for your mind and body without the unwanted side effects.


What You Need To Know About Energy Drinks

The news about energy drinks is beginning to reach the main stream media.  Regardless of the size of the market most of the energy drinks are “cans full of drugs”.  Nearly every day somebody is overdosing on energy drinks.  This post by Sari Harrar, explains the phenomenon.




Teens and young adults spend an estimated $2.3 billion annually on energy drinks laced with caffeine and herbal stimulants. But these aggressively marketed and pricey beverages (called “drugs in a can” and “a pharmacological Molotov cocktail” by Oklahoma State University researchers in one recent report) do more than clean out their wallets.

Over 5,000 reported caffeine overdoses in recent years—46 percent in kids age 18 and younger—have been attributed to them, say University of Miami researchers in a 2011 study in the journal Pediatrics. With caffeine levels up to three to five times higher than a 12-ounce cola, these drinks may also contain rev-you-up herbal stimulants like guarana and yerba mate. Liver damage, kidney failure, respiratory disorders, agitation, seizures, psychotic problems, muscle break-down, off-rhythm heartbeats, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack and even death have been reported in energy drink users in Europe, the U. of Miami researchers warned. And kids taking medications for attention deficit disorders or who have diabetes or heart problems may be at extra risk.

Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Germany have partial or complete bans on their sale to kids. Last fall, Canada began requiring new warnings and stricter caffeine limits. What’s happening in the U.S.? Here’s what parents should know:

  • The U.S. has no standard definition of an ‘energy drink.’ The Food and Drug Administration only sets caffeine levels on cola drinks, allowing energy-drink makers to pack their beverages with more. (The American Beverage Association has voluntary guidelines for caffeine limits and warning labels, but not all drink makers comply.)  Many contain even higher levels than may be listed on the label, because herbs like yerba mate also pack considerable amounts of caffeine.
  • They’re marketed aggressively to preteens and teens.  Flavors like strawberry lemonade and apple cherry and slogans like “party like a rock star!” and ‘ultimate energy rush’ are just the beginning. Energy-drink websites lure kids with come-ons about bands, athletes and celebrities. Coupons and free samples get them started.
  • Energy drinks don’t help performance.  They made timing, coordination, alertness and concentration worse in one Oklahoma State University study of student pilots. In fact, after triggering a burst of stress hormones and feel-good brain chemicals, your energy levels plummet.
  • One can isn’t one serving. Many contain 2 or even 4 servings per can—but who (especially a thirsty teen) stops at a quarter-can? Drinking the whole thing means they’ve just downed two to four times more caffeine than they’d get from a single serving.

What can you do? Talk with your kid about the downsides of these drinks. And help them save money (energy drinks can cost $2 to $4 a can) by offering bottled water, herbal iced tea (make it at home with fruity herbal tea bags, water, and a little sugar) or seltzer with juice or a squeeze of lemon.

Let us know what you’re doing—and how you feel about energy drinks marketed to kids by leaving your comments here.


What Are Herbal Aphrodisiacs?

Chinese herbs sexual enhancementHappy Valentines Day everyone.   We often get asked, “do you have herbs to improve my libido that really work?”  The answer is YES!


Pacific Herbs Libido Boost Herb Pack For Him  and  Libido Boost Herb Pack For Her are made with natural herbal aphrodisiacs.  Epimedium, aka Horny goat weed and  Polygoni multiflori aka He Shou Wu combined with  other tonic boosting herbs have been used in Chinese herbal medicine since the 1st Century.


An aphrodisiac can be anything that arouses or intensifies sexual desire. Throughout the centuries Chinese emperors had concubines to keep happy, or was it the reverse? Either way, preserving one’s stamina and sexual vitality was of the utmost importance to one’s health and herbs were considered a source for the proverbial “fountain of youth”.



Emperors and kings have not been the only ones interested in sexual performance. Perfecting Chinese herbal formulas for sexual enhancement, has also been considered -priority for over two thousand years. Libido Boost for Her and Libido Boost for Him are the same combination of herbs used by millions to enhance sexual desire and performance.


Ginseng is probably the most well known of the herbs used throughout the centuries. Yet a Chinese herb formula with ginseng will often be more potent than any given single herb. A formula for sexual improvement is always designed to build both yin and yang energy from a Chinese medicine viewpoint. All natural aphrodisiac formulas are designed to build the kidney energy because in Traditional Chinese medicine the kidney’s are the source of the sexual stamina.



Other powerful kidney tonics include Cistanche, see this post to find out more about this truly remarkable plant that grows only with a host plant next to it. Cistanche is completely dependent on the energy of it’s host plant for all it’s growth and maturation.  You will find cistanche in Pacific Herbs Libido Boost for Him.



The herb Rehmannia is another superior herb to replenish your yin and yang energy. It is always given in combination with other herbs by Acupuncturist’s and Chinese Medicine practitioners. In fact, it is one herb of six in a formula that many in Asia use for years. This formula called Six Flavor Rehmannia is commonly taken in pill form and is very safe to take long term.



Horny goat weed also known as Epimedium, (by name alone) must be included in this list. Many studies have researched the power of this plant. The general consensus is the leaves active constituents help increase the relaxation of smooth muscle and this allows more blood flow to the penis or clitoris or other smooth muscles. It also has immune regulating effects. Again, it’s often used in combination with other herbs for the sought after aphrodisiac effects.



If your looking for a powerful herb formula to boost your energy, check out Energy Booster Herb Pack.  Without caffeine and without sugar you can still get a natural boost of real energy.  That’s the power of herbs such as ginseng and goji berries.

Happy Valentines Day!

Energy Drinks Spell Cavities

Energy drinks are being consumed at an all time record high.  There is a virtual explosion on the market  and yet the teens and  twenty something crowd that buys the most of these drinks seem to know nothing of the damage they are doing to their teeth.  

Everyone know sodas are bad for your teeth but energy drinks are so new to the market and there just hasn't been data available about the tooth decay they cause.

Fact is, most of the sports and energy drinks have extremely high sugar and acid content that destroy the enamel on your teeth.

"People don't realize the sugar content is pretty high", says Dr. Nancy Hanratty, a dentist at 1st Advantage Dental Group in Greenfield.

Take a look at some of  sugar contents of  energy drinks,  NOS has 52 grams of sugar per serving. Monster and Red Bull 27 grams. Gatorade and Powerade have around 20 grams of sugar.

Dr. Hanratty says "most of the problems with teenagers is the liquid pools around your teeth, the plague builds up and the bacteria uses the sugar to break down the surfaces of your teeth."

"The other aspect of it, they tend to have an acid base, so it causes erosion", says Dr. Hanratty."The recommendation is  to rinse it off of your teeth so it's not staying around the surface."  In other words…. Brush Your Teeth after you drink energy drinks or use Energy Booster Herb Pack that does not cause tooth decay but still gives you a natural boost that will keep you going through the day. 

GoJi Berries For More Energy And Less Weight

Chinese herbs for energyHave you tried goji berries yet?  Before you could only find them at Asian grocery stores and China town.  Now Whole Foods and health food stores everywhere are carrying them. 

Goji berries have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2500 years.  Sometimes they are also labeled as Lycium or Wolfberry.   Goji berries make a great snack that provide quick energy.  They have been used as a blood tonic herb in Chinese herbal medicine for this reason.  This is exactly why we included them in our Energy Booster Herb Pack.

They look a little like a dried raisin, but smaller and red in color.  Often selling for about $15.00 for half pound, they are NOT cheap!  But the health benefits of this Chinese herb are more than worth their weight. 

The value in these little berries has been demonstrated in hundreds of studies.   One of the most  recent studies done in the U.S. on goji berries found they can increase your metabolic rate and reduce body weight. So, if you're looking for a healthy snack food or a boost of energy, goji's are a great choice.



J Am Coll Nutr. 2011;30(5):304-309.

Fruit Juice, Soda, Energy Drinks? Do Americans Drink Anything Healthy?

Energy Booster Herb Pack is a  healthy energy drinkI'm betting you've heard soda is not the healthiest drink you can have.  The average can of soda has 10 tsps of sugar. As more people become conscious of their health and what constitutes a healthy drink many folks are turning to fruit drinks and fruit juice.  But is this really a healthier choice?

Of course it depends on the frequency of consumption and whether you dilute your juice with water.   (I always do.)  I say this because, many of the fruit juices on the market consist of vast amounts of fructose, also known as sugar. Often times we fail to add this sugar consumption into our daily calorie totals.

Many health experts agree that 25 grams of fructose per day should be the maximum. (One eight-ounce glass of orange juice has 25 grams of fructose, more than enough for the whole day.)  If you are eating fresh fruit a max of 15 grams of fructose a day is recommended,  but… it you're overweight, have diabetes, heart disease or cancer, cut that down to 10 grams max of fructose per day.  

Eating fresh fruit rather than drinking fruit juice is considerably better if you are trying to loose weight.  Whole fruit is about 100 times more filling and the fiber helps elimination. But we've got to cut our daily sugar intake to be healthy. 

Cutting back on fructose is not easy. For some people it can be  impossible. This is understandable, studies prove sugar is just as addicting as cocaine.


Some fruit drink packages are covered with images of real fruit, even though these drinks may contain no more than 5 percent real fruit juice. The actual ingredients are water and high-fructose corn syrup, or in some cases "real sugar," such as cane sugar. Examples include: Kool-Aid Jammers, Hawaiian Punch, Capri Sun Orange, and Capri Sun Sunrise (which Capri Sun markets as a breakfast drink). Many of these are marketed towards children.

Conclusion:  Fruit Juice Is Not A Healthy Choice


Parents have got to get on board with healthy options for their children.  Many parents don't realize that ounce-for-ounce, fruit drinks have the same number of calories and added sugar as soda.

Many people mistakenly believe that as long as you are drinking fruit juice, it's healthy, but this is a dangerous misconception that is fueling the rising rates of weight gain, obesity, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. In fact, oftentimes fruit drinks are actually worse for your health than soda.

This is not to say that 100% freshly squeezed fruit juices aren't healthy.  The real issue here, whether we're talking about fruit juice, fruit drinks, soda or any other sugary beverage, IS the sugar or the fructose!

What's the answer?  Drink Water or Tea!!

(Tea IS bonus water!!  Water with herbs!!)

Our favorite Tea is Energy Booster

Either way, it's better than sodas and fruit juice.