Menopause Relief Herb Pack


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Menopause Relief Herb Pack a Natural Menopause Treatment


30-60 Day Supply

We understand you want a natural alternative to END the hot flashes and the night sweats, Naturally! Menopause Relief Herbs will give you noticeable symptom improvements in 30 days or less., guaranteed. Both peri-menopausal women and menopausal women will get fast results.

No Side Effects and It Works!

Chinese Herbs have been studied & used for hundreds of years for herbal remedies for Menopause, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Mood Swings! FINALLY A NATURAL MENOPAUSE TREATMENT!

Menopause Relief Herb Pack works for both Menopausal & Peri-menopausal women by adjusting the usage amounts.

Our large re-sealable, stay fresh pouch of highly concentrated herbal extract usually last about a month. Just dissolve granules in warm water and drink as a delicious cup of tea or place directly on tongue and swallow with water or juice. Either way you get a therapeutic dose of our full spectrum concentrated herbal extracts.

We understand you want a natural herbal remedies for Menopause! Herbs in this combination have been used for centuries.

Herbs don’t replace hormones they balance them! Treating menopause with artificial or bioidentical hormone therapy unfortunately, does not address the underlying issues.

Whether you are peri-menopausal with mild night sweats, or have been menopausal for some time, you will get relief with these herbs. Asian cultures have used this combination of herbs effectively as a natural alternative for symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, mental clarity and other signs of natural aging.

This herbal remedy for Menopause also helps support your mood and memory. One packet is approximately a month supply (100 grams) and you will have noticeable symptom improvement within 2-4 weeks. Usage instructions vary slightly by weight and are explained on the back of each packet. (see below) The recommended dose is 1 tsp. as a tea twice daily. Morning and evening for example, or after lunch and after dinner.

If you have extreme symptoms throughout the day we recommended the same dose, taken three times daily. Within a few weeks you will begin to see lessening of symptoms. Menopause symptoms occur because the body’s thermostat needs re-adjusting. 3-6 months is commonly the time it takes the body to readjust and maintain this balance. Our Menopause Relief Herb Pack can be used safely long term.

Some women use a smaller dose after a few months to maintain their health. Mix our full spectrum granules in warm water and drink as a tea, it’s delicious. Or place a small amount (1/2 tsp) on your tongue and swallow with water or juice. Either way you get the power of concentrated Chinese herb botanicals working for you. Long term use (3-6 months) is recommended for complete reduction in symptoms. No alcohol is used in our extraction process, only purified water and we use no GMO corn dextrin as filler like some competitors.

You won’t find anything else! NO add fillers – NO unnecessary anti-clumbing agents – NO preservatives, alcohol, glycerin, magnesium stearate, titaniumn dioxide or anything unnatural with crazy chemical names that you can’t pronounce. Pure, tested potent herbs grown in nature, nothing else.

Individual Herbs in Menopauase Relief Herb Pack

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Usage Information

Menopause Relief Herb Pack contains highly concentrated herbal extracts, only a small amount 1/2 tsp to 3/4 teaspoon is needed daily.

Usage will vary depending on body weight and symptoms, please follow usage instructions according to weight and symptoms on the back of each package.

Some women experience noticeable symptom relief rapidly while others may need to take the formula for several months to experience consistent improvement. Take twice daily for best results.

Usage Example:

  • Up to 150 Pounds – 1 tsp daily for severe symptoms (3 or more hot flashes daily and night sweats)
  • 3/4 tsp of granules for mild symptoms (daily flashes but mild, some night sweats)
  • 1/2 tsp. of granules for light symptoms (includes peri-menopause with a few flashes and/or night sweats per month)
  • All information is provided by weight & symptoms on the back of each package.
  • Enclosed spoon in each package = 1/2 teaspoon.
  • The best time to take our products is between meals. Dissolve granules in hot water. 1 cup of water makes a tasty, delicious cup of tea.
  • Alternatively, place granules on tongue and swallow with any beverage.
  • Take twice daily for a month, you will see noticeable improvement with the first packet.
  • These statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


You probably haven’t heard of us because we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. But we’re very glad you found us now. Pacific Herbs was started by an Herbalist/Acupuncturist and is woman owned. Our products use the newest available “concentrated herb extract granules” rather than pills or capsules. We are still fairly new to the American market, 3 years old. But our Chinese herbs granule manufacturer in Taiwan is over 70 years old. Check out our factory 3 minute virtual tour here.

Menopause Treatment Huffington Post Article:

Managing Menopause Symptoms With Alternative Medicine Cathy Margolin, L.Ac. Dipl. OM

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Menopause Relief Herb Pack contains 100 grams (100,000) milligrams or 3.5 oz of concentrated herbal extract in granules.


  • Anemarrhenae Root – Zhi Mu
  • Rehmanniae Prepared Root – Shu Di
  • Cornus fruit – Shan Zhu Yu
  • Dioscoreae Root – Shan Yao
  • Poria – Fu Ling
  • Eclipta – Mo Han Lian
  • Ligusticum – Nu Zhen Zi
  • Lycium – Gou Qi Zi
  • Epimedium – Yin Yang Huo
  • Alisma – Ze Xie
  • Moutan – Moutan
  • Licorice – Gan Cao
  • Stevia leaf extract – Stevia


Our only solvent is purified water. Our herbs are organic and wild crafted whenever possible. NO unnecessary fillers or binders. No magnesium stearate. NO coloring agents, gelatin, preservatives. NO yeast, corn, wheat, alcohol, sugar or salt.

No alcohol, glycerine or chemical solvents every touch our herbal granules.

Rehmannia Root – Shu Di Huang

Rehmannia supports the yin and has key nutrients. Rehmannia is one of the most important herbs used in Asian medicine to nourish the kidneys the liver and strengthen the essence. What this means is it improves adrenal function. We use the cooked form in our herb pack as a tonic to nourish and replenish the hormonal balance. TCM considers this herb a blood tonic and can be used by both men and women to protect the liver. There is also evidence that cooked rehmannia lowers blood pressure which naturally rises as we age.Rehmannia has been known through-out the ages as “the great nourisher” because of its many anti-aging, and rejuvenating functions.

Known Constituents of Rehmannia: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic-acid, Aucubin, Beta-sitosterol, Calcium, Catalpol, Copper, D-fructose, D-galactose, D-glucose, Gaba, Glucosamine, Glutamic- acid, Glycine, Histidine, Iron, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Magnesium, Manganese, Manninotriose, Mannitol, Melittoside, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Phosphoric-acid, Potassium, Proline, Raffinose, Rehmaglutins, Rehmanniosides, Serine, Stachyose, Sucrose, Threonine, Tyrosine, Valine, Verbascose, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, C, D, amino acids, cerebroside.

Fructus Cornus – Sha Zhu Yu

Fructus Cornus is used in approximately twenty key Traditional Chinese herbal formulas because of its ability to stabilize the adrenals, stop excessive sweating and tonify both the liver and kidney energy. It has other uses as well along with providing an important function of enhancing other herbs in this formula. Fructus Cornus is commonly used in conjuction with Rehmannia and Discorea to nourish and tonify the liver and kindey channels for healthy aging. This herbal threesome creates a powerful triangle of healing energy when used together.

Cortex Moutan – Mu Dan Pi

This herb is the bark of the root Paeonia suffruticosa. Chinese Medicine says this herb invigorates the blood and moves the blood. When combined with other herbs in this formula it is famous for nourishing and cooling your blood or yin energy.

Licorice – Gan Cao

Licorice has a long and highly varied record of uses. It was and remains one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is said this herb goes to all twelve channels of the body, a claim given to only a few Chinese herbs. By entering all body channels this herb is often used for its guiding actions to help other herbs enter into channels they would otherwise not normally affect. This is the beauty of Chinese herbal medicine, its ability to combine herbs in formulas to achieve actions they might otherwise not be able to do alone. Licorice has a sweet flavor, sweet Chinese herbs are helpful in tonifying the pancreas. The two major constituents of licorice are glycyrrhizin and flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants known to improve circulation and relieve tissues damage and have a role in reducing inflammation.

Discoreae Root – Shan Yao

Food should be our first medicine and Discorea is wild yam, a traditional food source. Discorea is used as a supportive herb in our menopause supplement to balance both the yin and yang with its neutral energy. Yam is known as one of the easiest foods to digest and this herb helps both the digestive system and our yin by naturally replenishing bodily fluids we often lose in the aging process. It is a rich sources of trace minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids which helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure by countering hypertensive effects of sodium.

Poria – Fu Ling

Poria is most commonly used to strengthen the spleen and calms the mind in TCM. Beyond poria’s principal action, this herb is also used to calm the heart spirit.

Alisma – Ze Xie

Alisma contains a pungent, volatile oil, which is the source of its medicinal attributes. Alisma is often used to alleviate water retention. Its urination-promoting actions are used to reduce edema and urinary difficulties. Additionally, alisma is used to help treat dizziness with heat and ringing in the ears. Studies have shown that alisma lowers blood pressure. Alisma is known to lower lipids in blood, lower blood cholesterol levels, exhibit antibacterial properties, and lower blood sugar. Its many uses are well documented and are the perfect compliment to the other herbs in our natural menopause treatment.

Anemerrhena- Zhi Mu

It is the root of this herb that has properties of clearing excess fire and at the same time nourishing the yin. These are two very important treatment principals and therefore makes this herb a prized possession. Its major chemical constituents include saponines, flavonoids, polysaccharides and alkaloids.

Eclipta – Mo Han Lian

Eclipta has a wide range of biological uses. In China it has been used as a cooling and restorative herb for centuries. Eciplta is considered to be one of the best remedies for the hair and is also used as a rejuvenative liver tonic. The wide range of chemical compounds make eclipta excellent for many medicinal uses. Active ingredients include coumestans, alkaloids, thiopenes, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, triterpenes and their glycosides have all been isolated and documented. ated.

Ligustrum fruit – Nu Zhen Zi

Ligustrum nourishes and tonifies the liver and kidney channels. It is very effective at clearing heat from defciency conditions such as menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. Also, this herb is excellent at improving the vision because it augments the liver and kidneys.

Epimedium – Yin Yang Huo

Epimedium nourishes your yin and improves and promotes healthy bone density with trace minerals and bone growth factors. Epimedium has many research studies showing its ability to improve bone density while protecting the bones from typical degenerative aging by protecting cells with well known phytonutrients. Epimedium is also commonly known as Horny Goat weed, most likely for its powerful physical yang stimulating effects on energy. You may have heard of it as a sexual tonic but in TCM it is considered both a Yin and Yang tonic herb. We use it in our herb pack because it serves both these functions. While its important to nourish our yin while we age, women can always use supportive herbs for our yang energy, especially during peri-menopause and menopause. Epimedium is used in a famous ancient formula for fertility known as Two Immortal Pill because of its ability to tonify the liver and kidney energy and both the yin and yang. It is a commonly used herb for all menopause symptoms including, hot flashes, night sweats, mental disturbances, irritability, insomnia and palpitations. Combined with the other herbs in out menopause treatment, it has remarkable functions. The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences places this herbs in a group of elite group of herbs that slow aging and promote longevity.

Lycium – Gou Qi Zi or Goji Berry

Whether you call it Goji Berry, Gou Qi Zi, Chinese Wolfberry or Lycium it is all a power packed little red berry that has recently been discovered in the West, but has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for millena. Traditionally grown on bushy vines in mountainous areas, Lycium fruit provides energy, is commonly used to strengthen the immune system and is used in our menopause supplement for its ability to improve sexual fluids and enhance fertility functions. (It also tastes great!)

Lycium Fruit has a high concentration of beta-carotene, vitamins B1 and B2, as well as vitamin C. It also contains eighteen kinds of amino acids and important trace minerals. Heat processing can destroy all these vitamins so be sure your Lycium berry is processed in only pharmaceutical grade facilities, like ours to preserve all its natural constituents.

Over 3 billion people all over the planet use Chinese medicine today. Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbal combinations were first written down over 2000 years ago and many of these “classic” combinations are still used today. (Most of our product formulations are over 500 years old). There are more than 1000 herbal formulas and over 2000 plants and minerals included in the library of herbal remedies from China. Some of these botanicals are easily recognizable: mint,cinnamon, aloe vera, turmeric, cardamon, garlic, ginger, licorice, nutmeg, onion, red dates, etc.

Pacific Herbs is dedicated to bringing traditional Eastern herbal medicine to a Western audience through safe, tested and researched pharmaceutical grade processing to create easy to use and easy to take concentrated extracts for life’s everyday health challenges.

We satisfy the health needs of our customers through safe, well-researched, and effective TCM based remedies using premier quality herbal extracts and state-of- the-art manufacturing practices. We produce the most effective, tested, herbal supplements possible. All raw materials and finished products under go over 200 quality assurance tests for possible contaminates before leaving our TGA, ISO, cGMP certified factory.

Our herbal extracts powders are highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed daily. For example a 10:1 concentration ratio means 10 kilograms of the raw plant mixture yields 1 kilogram of the herbal extract concentrate. Herbal extracts are always several times more expensive than raw plant powder (ground up raw material) because a much greater quantity is required of the raw plant material and there are additional processing costs associated with producing an extract.

At Pacific Herbs we exclusive use cooked extracts. We use only purified water in our products for the most potent natural herbal supplements possible. This is why a small amount of Pacific herbs granule extracts, which contain NO unnecessary fillers, has and will continue to provide… WELLNESS FOR CENTURIES.