Brain Boost Herb Pack


Brain Boost Herb Pack

An herbal brain supplement to improve brain function no matter what your age!

  • Improve Your Focus & Concentration

  • Optimize Your Brain Power

  • Enjoy Clear Focused Thinking All day long

  • Clinically researched herbs

Brain Boost Herb Pack is a synergistic blend of Chinese herbal brain supplements which helps everyone improve brain function and perform better mentally, no matter what your age. Panax Ginseng, THE KING of all herbs, benefits alertness and memory. Turmeric helps regulate digestion and helps balance neurotransmitters.

Your brain consists of 2% of your body weight. BUT it consumes 20% of your body energy. You must feed your body the right foods to have enough energy to feed your ever hungry brain.

Brain Boost Herb Pack Ingredients

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  • Ingredient Cnidium she chuang zi
    Cnidium is an herb with esteemed medicinal effects. Its neuroprotective properties have shown potential in enhancing memory, focus and overall mental clarity.  For cognitive support, studies have shown therapeutic improvement in brain fog and overall brain function.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Dioscoreae Root Shan Yao
    Food should be our first medicine and Discorea is wild yam, a traditional food source. Discorea is used as a supportive herb in our menopause supplement to balance both the yin and yang with its neutral energy. Yam is known as one of the easiest foods to digest and this herb helps both the(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Liquorice Root
    Licorice has a long and highly varied record of uses. It was and remains one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is said this herb goes to all twelve channels of the body, a claim given to only a few Chinese herbs. By entering all body channels this herb is often(...)
  • Longan berry Long Yan Rou
    Longan Berry promoting calmness and alleviates anxiety. Longan is used to address poor memory, supporting overall cognitive health and well-being.
  • Ingredient Panax Ginseng Ren Shen
    Considered the King of all herbs. Asian ginseng is a tonic herb and an apoptogenic (one that is used for restoration of what an individual needs), and often used to support adrenal function, improve mood, and promote neurological function via its well know saponins which can protect brain cells.
  • Ingredient Polygala root Yuan Zhi
    Polygala Root calms the mind and is commonly used to treat brain fog, forgetfulness and anxiety. It's well known to promote mental acuity. When used in combination with other Traditional Chinese herbs it’s excellent at promoting mind focus and clarity.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Poria Fu Ling
    Poria is most commonly used to strengthen the spleen and calms the mind in TCM. Beyond poria’s principal action, this herb is also used to calm the heart spirit.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Rehmanniae Root Shu Di Huang
    Rehmannia supports the yin and has key nutrients. Rehmannia is one of the most important herbs used in Asian medicine to nourish the kidneys the liver and strengthen the essence. What this means is it improves adrenal function. We use the cooked form in our herb pack as a tonic to nourish and(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Turmeric root
    Turmeric's main active component Curcumin, has anti-inflammatory properties, making it excellent for health issues, including pain and inflammation.  It ability to plays a role inhibiting inflammation is due to high levels of natural pain-relieving COX-2 inhibitors.


Our only solvent is purified water. Our herbs are organic and wild crafted whenever possible. NO unnecessary fillers or binders. No magnesium stearate. NO coloring agents, gelatin, preservatives. NO yeast, corn, wheat, alcohol, sugar or salt.

This herbal combination is the same blend used in studies on mental clarity and focus. Although some of the herbs may not be well known in the West, herbs such as cnidium seed are commonly found in Asian specialty health food stores and considered a super food they same way we consider Kale a super food today.

Seeds carry the DNA of the plant, just as sperm carry the DNA of a human. Seeds have long been considered as holding amazing healing properties in Oriental Medicine. Feed your cells, which feed the mitochondria in your cells and you’ll be running at optimal levels.

Starve your cells of the right nutrients, and the first place you notice symptoms is foggy thinking. Everyone has experienced the way we feel when we don’t have enough sleep. We can’t think straight. We can’t focus.

Brain Boost Herb Pack feeds your cells the right nutrients because it’s made from superfood herbs. Ginseng, Tumeric, Cnidium and the other nine herbs improve both cognitive function naturally with the right combination of nutrients for your cells.

Don’t forget that stress is also a factor. Stress is one of the greatest enemies of your brain health. If you don’t address ways to combat stress and create brain health then you are on the road towards brain illnesses. In fact, 1.1 billion people, around the globe, are facing a brain illness. Check out Relax Herb Pack- a great option for daily stress relief.

Individual results may vary.

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