iSleep Herb Pack




Do you struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep?

The herbs in iSleep Herb Pack have helped for over 500 hundred years.

Our herbs are:

  • Pharmaceutical grade highly concentrated extracts

  • Fast acting

  • Great tasting

  • Non-habit forming /non-addicting

  • Help stops the over-thinking process and quiet your mind

You can have Deep – Restful – Sleep Every Night

Click on the “Ingredient” tab above to read about the individual herbs in iSleep Herb Pack.

Over 500 years of continual use and now recent research shows these herbs help with sleep duration.

Why Packets?

  • Packets do not require filler like pills and capsules

  • NO fillers mean a higher percent of herbal extract

  • Packets preserve freshness & potency (you can’t squeeze the air out of a bottle)

  • Packets are simply a better way to take and store herbs

Why You Should Try iSleep?

When you sleep better, your health improves because your body has rested.

Recommended use: 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp before bed, drink as a tea or place powdered herbs directly in your mouth and let dissolve. Either way, it tastes great and works fast.

iSleep will improve your sleep patterns while simultaneously giving you a restful nights sleep!

iSleep Will Help You:

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Reduce tossing and turning

  • End the cycle of waking up too early

  • Allow you to sleep deeper

  • Feel rested and wake up alert

  • Quiets the thoughts in your mind

The secret of health preservation is first of all SLEEP. It can regenerate the essence, improve health, invigorate the Spleen and Stomach and strengthen bones and muscles… it is an ever-successful panacea for all illnesses.



 Is iSleep Safe?

500 Years can’t be wrong! Many of the herbs used in iSleep are used in Traditional Chinese cooking. i.e. jujube seed, poria, licorice. Herbs used as foods are the safest form of medicine. Hippocrates said, “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine”. The natural herbal ingredients have been time tested and clinically tested. (see the study on 20,000 people here)

The combination of herbs in iSleep was originally written down over 800 years ago. Since iSleep is not a drug it can repair the bodies natural sleep cycle by calming the mind and allowing you to fall asleep naturally.

Sleep is an essential part of our normal healthy, balanced life. If you are not getting 8-10 hours of restfully, restorative sleep each night, iSleep Herb Pack can help.

When our bodies are functioning in a balanced state our energy improves and we feel healthy. Whether you have occasional sleeplessness or just want to enjoy a more restful nights sleep, iSleep will help!

Our Traditional Chinese herbal formula calms your mind so you can go to sleep and stay asleep and be rested and productive the next day. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. Our Board Certified and Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist will answer all your questions.

iSleep provides a therapeutic amount of herbal extract in each packet. 1/2 tsp contains approx. 2000 mg.  Compare this to 2-3 pills which often contain as little as 500 mg of active herbal ingredients.

Pacific Herbs Premium Product Guarantee

All Pacific Herbs products are made from premium grade raw product. Each batch of herbs is selected on the basis of purity and bioavilability for maximal therapeutic benefit. All herbs are labeled with a “Certificate of Analysis” (COA) or report card with tests results of authenticity and purity.

Testing is done with several methods including High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC) and Thin Layer Chromotograpy (TLC) which identifies the correct specie of herbs and the levels of bio-active ingredients.

COA testing reports are the gold standard in herbal processing.

More on our Gold Standard Processing here!

iSleep Herb Pack is formulated based on scientific and clinical research. Click here for study links and research documentation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Note on the Zizyphus – Studies show this herb contains unique triterpenes also known as jujubosides. The jujubosides are nearly identical to the active constituents found in ginseng, an herb that is traditionally used as a sedative and a tonic. Correct dosage is very important when using zizyphus and some studies show low dose zizyphus has no effects on sleeplessness. Full spectrum water extract has been shown to extract the full chemical constituents in zizyphus. Each packet of iSleep provides either 50 grams (50,000 mg)  or 100 grams (100,000 mg) of herbal extract.

We test all our herbal products for possible contaminants including, molds, over 100 pesticides, bacterial infestation, and we do a full analysis to make sure every herbal botanical is the correct genus and species and chemical constituents are cross-checked for potency.

See our factory tour and testing video’s here.


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
iSleep Size

50 gram packet (1.75 oz.), 100 gram packet (3.5 oz.)


Each Packet contains either 50g or 100g of pure herbal extract granules which has been cooked, concentrated and dried.

(Click here our factory video tour to see the process.)

iSleep Herb Pack Ingredients:

  • Ziziphus – (Spiny Jujube) Suan Zao Ren
  • Ligusticum root – Chuan Xiong
  • Poria – Fu Ling
  • Anemarrhena Root – Zhi Mu
  • Concha Margarita – Zhen Zhu Mu
  • Polygonum Multiflori – Ye Jiao Teng
  • Mai Men Dong – Ophiopogon root
  • Bai Zi Ren – Biota seed
  • Gan Cao – Licorice Root
  • Stevia leaf extract


Our only solvent is purified water. Our herbs are organic and wildcrafted whenever possible. NO unnecessary fillers or binders. No magnesium stearate. NO coloring agents, gelatin, preservatives. NO yeast, corn, wheat, alcohol, sugar or salt.


This little seed has a store house of vitamins, minerals proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes and more that are extremely beneficial for those suffering from sleeplessness.

Clinical studies and research have shown Ziziphaus, (when processed correctly) can help quiet brain transmissions. What this means for the non-sleeper who plays videos in their head all night or just can’t stop the overthinking, NOW YOU CAN. When your mind is quiet your body naturally falls asleep the way nature intended. Ziziphus has slight sedative effects, yet a very safe herb with no lingering side effects. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for irritability, sleeplessness, and anxiety.


A nourishing but very mild herb. It is often combined with others for it’s most potent effects. Used in this formula to nourish the yin, clear the heart and eliminate irritability. Insomnia often occurs when the spirit of the heart is restless and rising upward to the brain. This restlessness cause over-thinking when we should be sleeping. Ophiopogon settles the spirit and quiets the irritability. It’s commonly combined with Anemerrhena for insomnia and night sweats.


Poria is most commonly to strengthen the spleen and calm the mind in TCM. Beyond poria’s principal action, this herb is also used to calm the heart spirit.


It is the root of this herb that has properties of clearing excess fire and at the same time nourishing the yin. These are two very important treatment principals and therefore makes this herb a prized possession. It’s major chemical constituents include saponines, flavonoids, polysaccharides and alkaloids.

Arbortitae Seed

This seed is rich in oil and is excellent for insomnia due to blood deficiency along with excessive worry and forgetfulness. When used with zyziphus it’s actions for calming the spirit are increased. Since it is the oil in this seed which contain the active chemicals responsible for these actions it is essential the oils are not lost during the cooking process. It also nourishes the heart channel and is extremely beneficial for those suffering from sleeplessness and irritability because of it’s calming effect.

Polygoni Multiflori

Asian medicine says lack of nourishment to the heart causes sleep disorders such as difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, excessive dreams and disrupted sleep. This sweet herb addresses all of these symptoms. This herbs calming effect is said to open the orifices of the heart channel and allow your spirit to be calm and relaxed.

Chuan Xiong

This very popular and common herb in many Chinese herbal medicine formulas is used to regulate blood circulation. In iSleep Herb Pack a small amount is used help circulate and improve the actions of all the herbs in the formula. The entourage effect is important. Like making a cake, it’s not just the sugar, flour and butter. It’s the spices, the egg, the milk and all the other yummy things that make a cake so wonderful. Same is true of herbal formulas used for centuries. Certain herbs work better when paired together.

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