Stay Healthy As the Seasons Change, Try Some Chinese Herbs

health news, use Chinese herbs and Chinese medicine as the seasons change

As the weather begins to change and children return to school, colds and flu become prevalent once again.  Take a minute to adjust your diet and even add a Chinese herb or two to keep you healthy as the seasons change.  Here's a few suggestions for foods and herbs.  

Foods – Eat more cooked and fewer raw foods. Sour, astringent foods like lemon, lime, pickle, vitamin C, seaweed, and sourdough bread can all benefit your health. Enjoy spicy/pungent foods like onion, garlic, radish, horseradish, and cabbage. Hearty concentrated foods like root vegetables, soy products and barley are also foods for the Fall. Pumpkin, winter squash (I'll soon be posting a new recipe for winter squash soup), and sweet potato are all great choices. Almonds, apples, and pears (especially Asian apple pears) are beneficial to the respiratory system.

The Chinese herb know as Astragalus, or Huang Qi  is a Chinese herb that is often used to boost immunity and aid resistance to illness by increasing phagocytosis and your white blood cell count. Chinese research has shown it to have a protective effect against the common cold when taken consistently for two to eight weeks. Astragalus works best as a long-term preventive measure. It is best to take it as a tea through the cold and flu season to enhance immunity and prevent illness. For more information on Astragalus in an immune boosting soup,  check my previous post here.

Protect – As the weather changes, it is easy to catch colds and flus. Protect the back of your neck from the winds with a scarf or collar. Isn't this one of those duhh's…. but why do so many people ignore this?