Herbal Aphrodisiacs

The perfect follow up to my Chinese medicinal wine article is the topic of herbal aphrodisiacs.  An aphrodisiac can be anything that arouses or intensifies sexual desire. Throughout the centuries Chinese emperors had concubines to keep happy,  or was it the reverse? Either way preserving one’s stamina and sexual vitality was of the utmost importance to one’s health and herbs were considered a source for the proverbial “fountain of youth”. 

Needless to say, perfecting Chinese herbal formulas for sexual enhancement, has been a high priority for  over two thousand years.  

Ginseng is probably the most well known of the herbs used throughout the centuries. Yet a Chinese herb formula with ginseng will often be more potent than any given single herb.  A formula for sexual improvement is always designed to build both yin and yang energy from a Chinese medicine viewpoint. All natural aphrodisiac formulas are designed to build the kidney energy because in Traditional Chinese medicine the kidney's are the source of the sexual stamina.   

Other powerful kidney tonics include Cistanche, see this post to find out more about this truly remarkable plant that grows only with a host plant next to it. Cistanche is completely dependent on the energy of it’s host for all it’s growth and maturation.     

The herb Rehmannia is another superior herb to replenish your yin and yang energy. It is always given in combination with other herbs by Acupuncturist’s and Chinese Medicine practitioners. In fact,  it is one herb of six in a formula that many in Asia use for years. This formula called Six Flavor Rehmannia is commonly taken in pill form and is very safe to take long term.

Horny goat weed also known as Epimedium, (by name alone) must be included in this list. Many studies have researched the power of this plant.  The general consensus is the leaves active constituents  help increase the relaxation of smooth muscle  and this allows more blood flow to the penis or clitoris or other smooth muscles. It also has immune regulating effects. Again, it’s often used in combination with other herbs for the sought after aphrodisiac effects.

I would be remiss not to include Cordyceps as a Chinese herbal aphrodisiac. To read more about cordyceps click here. I believe will suffice to say it’s one of the strongest sexual tonics known in the herb world.

If  your looking for a powerful herb formula to boost your energy, check with a licensed Acupuncturist. You’ll end up getting a higher quality product than something off the shelf of most stores. You will also be certain to get the right product for your condition. If you have any questions about herbal formulas feel free to post them here or drop us a private message using the  yellow contact button on the left. 

Happy Valentines Day all.

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    I love the picture of the man kissing the woman. There is a statue in
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    My favorite herb is mint leaves, I occasionally use them to clear my stuff nose when I have a cold.

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