Health Practitioners, Are We Really “Doing No Harm”?

It has been said, If you’re going to really succeed in your business,
you have to stand for something important. 

And the toughest part of all that?

Well, for me, truthfully all of it is tough.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I to do this?”. . .(I’m still asking!)

“Who am I to help the sick, the aging, the dying and

set them on a path toward wellness?”

If you’ve ever asked this same question then please keep reading.

Perhaps my story will resonate with you,

and perhaps you’ll want to work together toward a common goal;

bringing WELLNESS to your patients with products you can trust.

Let me tell you a secret, it’s really hard to know what herbs and supplements

are right for each patient.

Many times, even the best of us are just trying to:

Do No Harm.

Quality Chinese herbs

I found too many product companies are not telling us

the entire truth about what’s inside their bottles

that may in fact, DO HARM!

Dietary supplement fillers are harming gut bacteria in a big way.

(Get “The Good Gut” by Sonnenburg Ph.D. human microbiome researcher at Stanford.)

Let’s not forget, the gut houses most of our immune system.

I’m taking a stand, I have decided to be a

messenger for creating transparency in the herbal products business.

I can’t find a single BIG company who will do this.

Since the movement must start somewhere, you and I need to take a stand.

But we won’t be alone.

Thankfully American Botanical Council (ABC) is writing about this too. 

Herbal adulterant stories are just one example, you can see here.

But the big players are ignoring most of the issues.

Nobody is talking about 3rd world fillers, (read about magnesium stearate here)

or the different chemical solvents used in processing herbs and worst of all,

adulterated ingredient sourcing. (using a different herb than is actually on the label.) 

Many companies don’t test herbs for authenticity therefore they unknowingly do this all the time.

Did you know, the U.S. has the most lenient import laws compared to the EU, Japan & Australia

therefore we often get what the rest of the world declines

in regards to dietary supplement ingredients?

I hope you’ll join me and take a stand.

I have prepared two special videos for you to watch to help educate you, the health provider.
Watch the video here

In the video, you’ll “Get The Facts” about what is the gold standard for herbal supplement processing.

In the 2nd video here

you’ll see me at our pharmaceutical factory with the 

Chinese Medicine doctor who started the company 35 years ago. 

(This amazing woman has received awards to numerous to name in this email.

She took a stand 35 years ago to create authentic medicine at the highest quality.)

And perhaps you’ll also want to stand up for WELLNESS products for your patients

and choose only the highest quality products available because in the end, we must

Do No Harm, first.

Take action, make a stand for your patients.

Your patients will appreciate your research for their wellness regime.

The video, Get the Facts”  will help you know what

to ask your supplement companies.

Does your favorite provider of supplements show you the inside of their factory?

If not, ask why?   (ABC has many articles about the industry transparency problem.)

I know you have so much experience and value to give to your patients.

Give your patients the same value in

the supplements you recommend to them.

Watch the video here

I hope you’ll take a stand with me and start asking

questions about the products you choose for your patients.

Be Well,
Cathy Margolin L.Ac. Dipl. OM
Founder Pacific Herbs

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P.S.  Let’s work together toward a common goal, demand more transparency from your supplement companies and raise the bar for the entire dietary supplement industry. Isn’t it time we get the same quality as the EU and other countries?