Two Common Questions?

The two most common questions: 
What are Chinese herbs and Why Packets?
iSleep Herb Pac and PMS Relief Herb Pac are both made exclusively with Chinese herbs. These herbs are a combination of roots, bark, seeds and fungi which have been used in China and throughout Asia for hundreds of years.  We know these plants have chemicals that can alter/repair our bodies' chemistry. These ancient plant medicines have now been studied extensively and today’s chemists have isolated the active ingredients in each herbal compound. We know these chemicals and their effects but we don’t always understand how they work. The same is true of prescription medications. Not all body pathways of interaction are understood, yet we know they work.

What makes Chinese herbal medicine different from prescription drugs and OTC medications are the level of safety and the years of continued use.  As I mentioned, our Chinese herbs have documented use for 1800 years. Prescription drugs and OTC medicines have (at the most) 60 years of use, if that, depending on the medication. It's difficult to comprehend Chinese herbs' 1800 years of usage since there is simply no comparison.

Plant based medicine has the same chemical constituents that our bodies' chemistry understands. Prescription drugs are based on this same principal. But plants are often gentler because they are not concentrated forms of single chemical compounds. It is generally believed this is why they are safer, and some believe less potent. That is not to say they don’t work, they often just don’t work as quickly,  but this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Assuming you purchase from the best Chinese herb manufacturer on the planet,  potency will still vary depending on the packaging.   If you've used herbal supplements before and found no benefit, it's possible the herbs were simply past their prime because of their processing and packaging.


Individual packets (such as Vitamin C in packets) use the newest advanced technology to provide for safe, potent and therefore effective products. Packets protect the herbs potency in several forms.  Packets limit oxidation, limit exposure to moisture, eliminate filler and most importantly our packets contain a high dosage of dried herbal concentrate.
A little elaboration on packets:

1. Packets also provide the best packaging for our 100% all natural, extensively tested Chinese herbs. (testing for contaminants and active ingredients is not required by law, many companies don't test nor will they disclose where their raw herbs are sourced or where they are packaged)  The best quality raw herbs equals best quality finished products.                                                                                                                                                          2.  Packets use incredible new patented technology for the herb drying process.

3.  Packets preserve the natural plant chemicals because the technology is vastly superior than older manufacturing methods.

4. Packets insure each Chinese herb pack is air tight, so natural oxidation or spoiling is   eliminated.

5.  Packets prevent moisture from spoiling our herbs, our products are fresh and potent which make them highly effective.  Herbs packaged in capsules simply cannot compare to our potency levels.    

6.  Packets require NO filler in the packaging process. Pac Herbs are pure and unadulterated. Capsules use up to 50% inactive filler which has no known benefit for the body. Studies have not conclusively proven fillers such as magnesium sterate which is used in nearly every herb product on the market, are safe.

7.  Packets are convenient to carry with you, mix in hot or cold water and get instant relief.

I think that shoud anwer those two common questions.  If you have any other questions, just post them below and I'll do my best to answer them.  Thanks for reading.

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