Alternative Medicine – Cures Not Band Aids

Alternative medicine has come a long way since Patch Adams, MD. first challenged the medical status quo.  You may remember Robin Williams played Patch in the movie called "Patch Adams". 

Today, more than 30 years later, he is not the only one to pose the question, "What is a cure and what is a band aid?" Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage therapy and other alternative medicine therapies are not yet fully covered by most insurance carriers in the U.S. but times are changing.  

These "Alternative Medicine" therapies are being used everyday by more and more Americans who are finding Acupuncture and Chinese herbs and other therapies are not just band aids.  Around the world, more advanced societies see the value of traditional  Chinese herbs and other healing modalities and depend on herbal remedies rather than artificial drugs.

Sometimes we need a band aid but more often, we what we really need is a cure.