Chinese Herb Sleep Aid on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz talks about Chinese herbs and Jujube seed for help sleeping.  The Dr. Oz show is finally coming around to the latest American health craze. Chinese herbs are available all over the country now, not just because of the internet but because American's are catching up with what the rest of the world has known for centuries. That is, Chinese herbs work, it's safe medicine that can be taken without side-effects and done so very inexpensively.


Check out the video from the Dr. Oz show on May 19, 2011. This is Part 2 of his show on Chinese Medicine.  Dr. Maoshing Ni, one of the founders of Yao San University explains the Chinese herb jujube seed.  This small seed from a red date is a Chinese herb used for thousands of years successfully and safely to help people sleep. It is the best natural sleep aid ever found because it quiets neurtranmitters and  it's long history of successful use is the main reason it is a saple in iSleep Herb Pack by Pacific Herbs.


href="Chinese">">Chinese Medicine: Natural Cures, Pt 2.</a>


 Watch the video here!

 Did you see the powder extract? Extracts are the easiest way to use Chinese herbs because they have been cooked and dried at very percise tempertures are much more concentrated than using raw or cooking them at home. Plus the convenence factor can't be beat.


Jujube seed is just one of the powerful sleep aid herbs in iSleep Herb Pack. Check out what else is in it here.