I Was Only Making Dinner

Herb in PacketsI was making dinner tonight, nothing special, chicken, rice pilaf and salad. I’ve love the Near East brand of Rice Pilaf and have used it for years. So what’s so special to make me write about this.   Well, Near East is a well known, multi-million dollar company who has done their share of research on packaging their products. A small cardboard box holds the rice and a FOIL PACKET holds the herbs and spices, the secret ingredients that give the rice that great flavor.    

I poured my rice into my boiling water and then tried to rip open the foil packet even knowing in advance I’m going to have to get the knife or scissor to open it. It’s not a paper packet it’s a foil packet that holds the herbs and spices.   So I asked myself, why did this company decided to put their herbs and spices into a separate foil packet even though you mix the two together? Clearly the answer is the same reason that I have chosen to package my Chinese herb products into foil packets. 

Because freshness matters. Foil packets preserve freshness and flavor.  Foil packets are air tight and moisture tight and this matters when your dealing with natural herbs and spices.

Freshness makes the difference in potent herbs or stale herbs and spices. When your product is natural herbs, the  fresher the better.  This is the very reason packet technology is being used to package Chinese herbs throughout  Asia.  Foil packets don’t breath. Once the herbs are inside and sealed they are as fresh as the day they were dried. Foil packets provide a level of potency unmatched by any other type of packaging of Chinese herbs.

So thank you Near East for reminding us all, something simple like a foil packet can make the difference between a good product and a great, fresh, potent product. 

(Pac Herbs is the only company who has Chinese herbs packaged in stay fresh, individual PACKETS.)