The Doctor Will See You Now, If There Is Enough Time?

best natural sleep aidsWhich is more valuable, time or money?

When you go to your doctor, does your doctor have time for you?  Do they listen to you, i.e. why you're not sleeping, why you're so fatigued and does your doctor have time to hear you and respond? 

We all know our health care system has many advantages and disadvantages, I find Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) doctors to be one of the huge advantages.  If you have the opportunity to visit an Integrative or Alternative Medicine practitioner such as a Naturopath, Homeopath or Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist or Herbalist you can find a plethora of caring, responsible health practitioners that have THE most important piece of the health care solution, they have TIME for their patients.

So many good doctors are hampered by insurance company payment systems they simple can't afford to give you their time.  Today, visiting a Homeopathic office I overheard the questions the doctor of Homeopathy was asking his patient.  In depth questions, about the patients stress levels, menstrual cycle, sleep and herbal supplement use.  Although I only heard  a minute of the conversation I knew this doctor was giving the most important medical attention possible.  He was taking the TIME to really listen to his patients problems. 

One reason I believe so many good people are turning to alternative therapies such as Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Herbalist, Naturopaths and Homeopathic doctors is simple for this reason of "Time".  When a CAM doctor hears you have a sleeping problem they won't just scribble the name of a sleep aid pill on a piece of paper and rush out the door.  Rather they actually take the time to investigate your entire health history and look for the root cause of the problem. 

Time can make all the difference.  Wishing you lots of it in 2011.