Menstrual Cramps Relieved Safely With Fatty Acids and Herbs

If you’ve been suffering from PMS and menstrual cramps, adding a 1 gram capsule of mixed essential fatty acids to your daily diet could help reduce your symptoms say’s a group of researcher in Brazil.  This is not the first research to link PMS and essential fatty acid (EFA) intake.  Since our bodies can only produce fatty acids, (long chain molecules) from the foods we eat,  then our bodies will be deficient if our diets are deficient.


Eating eggs, nuts, vegetables and fish daily should help a body produce enough.  If not, a dietary supplement of flax oil or fish oils containing omega 3 and omega 6’s are a very good way to supplement your EFA production.  Essential fatty acids are well known for stabilizing your mood, reducing inflammation and pain, and aiding in the regulation of estrogen and progesterone.


The researchers of this study do not make any recommendation about whether women should increase their intake of essential fatty acids, instead they just say consult with your doctor. Unfortunately most doctors don’t have time to keep up with all the new studies and many have no idea that supplements can make a difference.  Keep in mind, the study results were more beneficial for women who took the supplement at least three months and for as long as six months to reduce your PMS symptoms. 


If you are suffering with menstrual cramps and an irregular cycle, PMS Relief Herb Pac is a faster answer. (Although I still recommend EFA supplementation for many women.)  The first time you use our herbs, you will see a noticeable decrease in cramping and pain within 30-60 minutes.  Women who suffer severe PMS symptoms should take one packet the day before their menstrual cycle starts and one packet or two packets each day they have painful periods.  


We get lots of reports of women who also like to use one packet at the time of ovulation when they tend to get very moody and sometimes irritable.  This is a great time to take one packet also.  Just drink as a tea and enjoy.  It helps calm your mood and take the edge off your stress levels.


Unlike the researchers of this study, we guarantee results!   


The study was published in Reproductive Health, Jan 2011.

4 thoughts on “Menstrual Cramps Relieved Safely With Fatty Acids and Herbs

  1. Marie

    The Pac Herbs PMS Relief really does work.  This is truly a great product!  I am truly surprised and amazed!  If I would have had this product years ago, my life would have been so different!  Thank You Very Much!

  2. Cathy Margolin

    You are very welcome!! We’re always happy to hear how much people are enjoying PMS Relief. Herbs really are amazing when they are used correctly at the right dosage and have been grown and processed safely. We search until we found the winning combination for our pure products.

  3. Farah

    I just want to say thank you for the PMS Relief Herb. Before I knew about this product, I would throw up alot, have severe cramps, no energy to stand or walk, have backaches and hot flashes. I used midol when I first started my period but it stopped working for me after a few years. So, I tried magnesium, fish oil for a few years but only about 30% of the pain would go away. Now, with this product, I would have too say that about ninety to ninety five percent of my pain is gone, and it the pain relief lasts for so long. Thank you because before I found your product, I was about to use eight hundred milligrams of NSAIDS. I've been trying to avoid that for so many years, and now I'm proud to say that I don't need it.

  4. Cathy

    Your very welcome Farah!! I had the same reaction when I first found that Chinese herbs can help menstrual cramps. Hope you’ll spread the word.

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