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Take Back Your Day! 

Don’t Let PMS and Cramps Control Your Life!

PMS Relief tastes great. Fast Natural PMS Cramp Relief That Really Works! 100% Natural PMS/Cramp Relief for all your menstrual cycle related symptoms. Our PMS Relief botanicals are highly concentrated. 1 tsp is usually enough for most gals, each day of symptoms.

PMS Relief Herb Pack Ingredients

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  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Achyranthes Niu Xi
    Achyranthes has a long history of use for maintaining healthy blood flow. Its most common uses are for invigorating the blood, unblocking the menses and moving the blood in the channels especially in the low back. This herb is wonderful for pain related to trauma because it works quickly by(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Angelicae Dang Gui
    Known as the “Queen” herb for women Dang Gui is in nearly every Pacific Herbs product. The reason for this is summed up in the Chinese medicine phrase “10 formulas, 9 angelicas.” In other words, 9 out of every 10 formulas include dang gui. (AKA angelicae) It has been this way for over 2000(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Bupleurum chai hu
    Abundant research has been done on Bupleurum root used to treat headaches, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, common cold and irregular menstruation with pain and cramps (to name a few) in Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) This medicinal has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties, along with(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Carthamus Hong Hua
    Carthamus, is revered for its potent medicinal properties. This herb is renowned for invigorating blood circulation, addressing stagnation, and promoting menstruation, making it a staple in gynecological treatments. Hong Hua also demonstrates efficacy in alleviating pain associated from(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Moutan Mu Dan Pi
    This herb is the bark of the root Paeonia suffruticosa. Chinese Medicine says this herb invigorates the blood and moves the blood. When combined with other herbs in this formula it is famous for nourishing and cooling your blood or yin energy.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Corydalis rhizoma Yan Hu Suo
    Corydalis Rhizoma or Yan Hu Suo has potent analgesic properties. It invigorates the blood to alleviate pain making it effective for conditions such as painful joints and muscles, migraines, and most body discomfort. Corydalis has been used safely for hundreds of years by billions of people. It(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Dipsacus Xu Duan
    Dipsacus is commonly used in conjunction with Niu Xi above, to enhance the effects of both herbs. Dipsacus treats both the liver and kidney channels, key components in menstrual irregularities. Being sweet and slightly warm it can strengthen the enhance yang energy. (Women are predominantly(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Liquorice Root
    Licorice has a long and highly varied record of uses. It was and remains one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is said this herb goes to all twelve channels of the body, a claim given to only a few Chinese herbs. By entering all body channels this herb is often(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Ligusticum Chuan Xiong
    This very popular and common herb in many Chinese herbal medicine formulas is used to regulate blood circulation. In iSleep Herb Pack a small amount is used help circulate and improve the actions of all the herbs in the formula. The entourage effect is important. Like making a cake, it’s not(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient mugwort Ai Ye
    Mugwort can be used wherever a digestive stimulant is called for. It will aid the digestion through the bitter stimulation of the juices whilst also providing a carminative oil. It has a mild action in aiding depression and easing tension, which appears to be due to the volatile oil, so it is(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient nut grass cyperus xiang fu
    This herb is commonly combined with Dang Gui for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. This herb has a major role in regulating our liver energy and is known for not only stopping the pain associated with our menstruation but also the ability to help regulate our menstrual cycles. Its(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient peach kernal tao ren
    Peach kernel is very useful in a broad range of blood circulation applications. Menstrual pain, amenorrhea or irregular menstruation are all improved when blood is flowing more freely. This herb invigorates the blood and in so doing relieves the pain. It is commonly used for traumatic sports(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient red peony chi shao
    Three similar plants are all called peony, and different parts are used in some cases. The bark of the root of Paeonia suffruticosa is called moutan or mu dan in China, where it naturally grows. Red peony root comes from wild harvested Paeonia lactiflora or Paeonia veitchii. The bark, red(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient White Peony Bai Shao
    White peony is one of the most often used herbs in Chinese herbal medicine. It is an extremely effective tonic herb and is used to purify the blood. White peony is legendary as a muscle relaxant, it relieves cramps (in the stomach and elsewhere) and reduces pain. Its antispasmodic and(...)

Traditionally known as Xiao Yao San, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang & Tao Hong Su Wu Tang.

PMS Relief Herb Pack is gluten FREE – Vegetarian and Kosher. The only solvent used for our concentrated extracts is PURIFIED WATER. No glycerin, alcohol or chemical solvents ever touch our herbs.

Use PMS Relief Herb Pack for:

  • Painful Period Cramps*

  • Back Pain*

  • Bloating*

  • Irritability*

  • Achy Feeling*

  • Breast Tenderness*

  • Body aches associated with monthly menstrual cycles*

  * Individual results may vary.

1 tsp. of concentrated granules contains approx. 6000 mg of cooked, dried, concentrated herbal extract.

See the “Ingredients” tab above for more information on each herbal ingredient.

Recommended Usage:  1/2 tsp. at the onset of symptoms, possible the day before your menstrual cycle begins.  Some women take 1/2 tsp. in a cup of hot water as a tea, others put the herbal powder right in their mouth and swallow like any pill.  Use at  night and morning during your most uncomfortable days. Our herbs are safe and effective to take even 4x per day. Often times the first month of use is more than the next month.  We often say, the longer you take it, the less you will need it.  These herbs help your body go back into hormonal balance.  Use with Relax Herb Pack and you’ll notice incredibly quick changes in your hormonal balance.

  • Use right before cycle and first day or two of cycle.
  • Each packet of 50g (1.75 oz) will last most women 6-10 cycles. 
  • Simply mix the powdered herbs in warm water and drink as a tea.
  • Packets are convenient to carry, easy to use and give you relief in about 20 minutes.
  • Best taken at onset of symptoms.
  • After 2-3 months of using PMS Relief Herb Pack you may find you don’t as much as before. Often your menstrual cycle will normalize after several months and you may not need it at all.
  • PMS Relief Herb Pack can also be used in the middle of your cycle at ovulation for moodiness and irritability.
  • Pacific Herbs PMS Relief Herb Pack are the safest most reliable method to help your body function naturally at its peak.
  • If you have been suffering with painful periods or have only minor symptoms that are just slightly bothersome either way PMS Relief Herb Pack soothes and naturally balances your body, you barely notice you even have your period.
  • Take at the onset of menstrual cycle and as needed during your cycle. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or receive a full refund.

There are a variety of ways to reduce your PMS symptoms!

Eat healthy foods, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, reduce your stress, get enough sleep are all good. But, sometimes even when you are doing everything you can, you still need help to get you through those 5 days a month. Over the counter pain reliever only mask symptoms for a few short hours. Herbs balance the body and help you feel better the entire month. (Read why you should avoid over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen & ibuprofen.) We pride ourselves on our personalized service, attention to detail. We have done the research and chosen the most dependable, qualified supplier in the world. Using the latest technology you receive potent herbs without fillers for maximum therapeutic effects. (See factory video tour here.) Our commitment: To provide the finest quality Chinese herb natural supplements. Our manufacturer has rigorous standards and each batch of  raw herbs are extensively tested before they can qualify for Pacific Herbs PMS Relief Herb Pack. Our manufacturer is cGMP certified along with ISO and TGA certified.

PMS Relief Herb Pack is Based on Scientific and Clinical Research. Click here for study links and research documentation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

(see our policy under “Policy” section on bottom of home page)

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PMS and Cramps Help: The Alternative Answer

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