Nut Grass, Cyperus (Xiang Fu)

Pacific Herbs Ingredient nut grass cyperus xiang fu

Pacific Herbs Ingredient nut grass cyperus xiang fuThis herb is commonly combined with Dang Gui for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. This herb has a major role in regulating our liver energy and is known for not only stopping the pain associated with our menstruation but also the ability to help regulate our menstrual cycles. Its actions are intensified when combined with other herbs such as Dang Gui and Bupleurum. The Grand Materia Medica written approximately 200 AD states that Cyperus is the “Commander-in-Chief of Qi disorders, and for gynecology, the Supreme Leader.” It is also called an “immortal herb for women” as far back as 1550 AD. Cyperus’s known chemical constituents include volatile oils, flavonoids and proteins.

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