Stop Your Bitching…The Step by Step Guide to Balance Your Hormones & End PMS and Menstrual Cramps

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How.. are you dealing with PMS?

“Stop Your Bitching…Naturally” is written from an Eastern Medicine perspective. Grab it and  discover simple ways to balance your hormones and all 12 Channels of your body, Naturally!

Discover simple, life hacks that make a huge difference to your moodiness, hormonal cycles, organizational/ creative behavior and food cravings. Yes, hormones can RUN or RUIN even the best days.  Learn how to be the driver of your hormones, not the reverse.

This book is not just for girls but women of all ages. Get it today.

Hormones affect our mood, sleep, weight, mental clarity, fertility, libido and even our skin. Embrace all these new concepts and learn to understand and enjoy your ever changing body in a fun and easy to understand read.

Research and documented with over 200 studies in the appendix, you go as deep into your body language by following the studies, or not.  A discussion on the positives and negatives of birth control pills and over the counter pain relief alternatives are all based recent research.  Five chapters explain the inner workings of your body and the other five chapters answer nearly every question you didn’t know, you needed to ask.  It’s all here. Cathy’s been teaching young women the inner language of their hormonal cycles for years. Now it’s all in this easy to read (and fun) book. Stop Your Bitching… Naturally Now!

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