Avoid a Human Energy Crisis

Do you have an energy crisis every afternoon or even once in a while?  Our busy lifestyles can create havoc for our endocrine systems, our bodies energy fund and storage bank. Chinese herbs work  naturally and effectively to replenish your energy at the source of the problem, targeting  your endocrine system.

The endocrine system acts like the main control panel in our body. It secretes hormones which act as messengers telling the body how to  function properly.  We depend on our endocrine glands for all our energy.  They are responsible for your mood, mental function, immune system, physical growth and reproduction.  If something throws off the control system you may feel tired, depressed, gain weight, experience infertility, digestive issues and have trouble with body temperature regulation regardless of the outside temperature. 

The endocrine system includes the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, pineal, pancreas, and reproductive glands.  All areas of your health are effected by your endocrine glands. 

This is where Chinese herbs work best.  If your tired in the afternoon, ginseng and other herbs in our Power Booster can give you refreshing boost of energy  when you need it.  No caffeine or sugar, just natural Chinese herbs. They work and have been proven to work for over 1000 years. This is not some new 5 hour energy mix of caffeine and sugar. This is botanicals, a natural source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, carbohydrates, saponins and other compounds  your body recognizes and needs.

If your experiencing hot flashes or night sweats it’s the endocrine system running low on natural coolant.  Whether it’s your car or your body, you’ve got to feed it what it needs.  When your low on coolant herbal remedies such as our Menopause Relief can help rebuild it and nourish it.

Low Energy is a Sign of Compromised Health

The cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s viewpoint of health has always been maintaining health and wellness by preventing illness through a healthy life style and proper nutrition.  If proper food is not enough then herbs are added to the diet to supplement one’s health.  When the body’s natural intelligence  is awakened with Chinese herbs, it can restore the natural balance and  your body will respond by providing  the energy you need to feel good all day, everyday.

Find Balance in Your Life by adding A Chinese Herb

Balance with Chinese Herbsby: Jennifer Dubowsky
Today I want to talk about balance, one of the most fundamental concepts in Eastern Philosophy and Chinese Medicine. Striving for balance is the search for harmony or equilibrium in our lives. This idea is often pictured as the Yin Yang symbol. There are many examples of yin and yang in our every day lives.  Your more active energy is considered Yang in nature and Yin is your calm energy. You feel best when Yin and Yang work together, for example, if you get good nights sleep (sleeping/nighttime is yin), you wake up refreshed and are able to have an active and fulfilling day (running around with kids/daytime is yang). This is an example of how the concept of yin and yang helps you to create balance in you life.
In my practice I often see parents, especially mothers, who are out of balance because they lack yin energy.This calming yin energy is depleted because so many parents, especially those who have children with special needs, are required to be always active and alert. So, if you have only a few moments to capture some calm,

Here are 5 quick ways (most take fewer than 5 minutes) to nourish your yin.

1. Place one hand on your lower abdomen and breathe deeply until you feel your stomach rise. Exhale slowly and repeat 10 times. When you are stressed, you breathe into your chest and that increases anxiety but these slow and deep breaths will help you regain your calm.

2. Eat a handful of Goji berries. They are great snack and they nourish your yin or try almonds before you go to bed. Almonds contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps induce sleep and relaxation.

3. Use lavender essential oil in your bedroom on your bed sheets, in your bath, or as a perfume.Lavender’s scent is relaxing.

4. Take 5 minutes of silence every day, away from children, spouse, TV, Blackberry, cell phone, everything. Silence is the balance to all life’s unavoidable stimulation.

5. Remember one thing for which you are grateful. Write it on a post-it note; carry it with you if you need too. Being grateful helps balance out the difficult periods.

Jennifer Dubowsky, a licensed acupuncturist with a practice in downtown Chicago, Illinois. You can find more about Jennifer at  Acupuncture Chicago.

This article is designed to provide the reader with clinical research results and the potential benefits and or risks associated with CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines). The author advocates neither for or against any particular therapy and recommends individuals speak with licensed medical practitioners before using any Chinese herbal supplements or other health supplements.