BPA Ban Continues in California

Today  we all get a victory lap.  I've blogged and posted video's about the dangers of BPA's for PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms and today BPA's are that much closer to being banned in food products. 

The Governor of California signed a bill today to reduce bisphenol-A (BPA's)  to trace amounts in baby products. This new California law follows on the heels of 10 other states, Canada and the European Union. The tide is turning and hopefully soon we will see a complete ban on this toxic chemical in our food supply.   

Canned food is still allowed to be lined with BPA's  in the U.S., Health Canada has acknowledged the risks involved with this practice and banned BPA's in Canada completely.

BPA's enter our bodies without us knowing about them.  They are widely used in plastic water bottles and when we drink this water we unknowingly ingest these harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals. They attach to hormone receptor sites and act like hormones in the body.   BPA's can lead to a host of health problems including PMS, breast cancer, early puberty and exacerbate menopause hot flashes and night sweats in the body.