Birth Control Pills For Period Cramps Has Risks

No Period Cramps

Birth Control for Menstrual Cramps Carries Risks

The Dr. Oz web site says birth control pill are safe for young girls period cramps. Dr. Oz and his writers haven’t done the research because studies show the risks are great, especially for young developing bodies under the age of 18.  Educate yourself and your daughters on the risk associated with oral contraception, the birth control pill.  The research is overwhelming.  There are serious risks to taking the pill for long periods of time and when starting usage at an early age.  Dr. Larry Norton from Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital in New York City said this on the Oprah Magazine website when asked about the safety of birth control pills.

“Birth control pills are an estrogen-progesterone combination, so they bring up the same fears as HRT. Some disagree with me, but I just don’t see a reason to take the Pill—even for younger women. The fact is, breast cancer cells, at least in the formative stages, like estrogen. So the more continuously you feed them the estrogen, the greater the likelihood you’ll have a malignancy. With the sexually transmitted diseases that we have to worry about nowadays, I think barrier methods make a lot more sense.”

Say no to birth control pills for young girls painful menstrual cramps.  There are better, safer, natural choices to relieve menstrual cramps and PMS.  The “PILL”  was never intended to be used for severe menstrual cramps.   Do your own research, because too often doctors don’t even know these studies exist.  Learn about herbal remedies for period cramps  have been relieving menstrual cramps and PMS for hundreds of years. There are many natural alternatives for period pain. Learn about ours here.  Natural options such as Traditional Eastern herbal combinations have been used for generations, safely,most and are successful at relieving menstrual cramps and most period symptoms.

2 thoughts on “Birth Control Pills For Period Cramps Has Risks

  1. Ammie Chu

    Hello Cathy 🙂
    Thank you for your informative video and I agree with you about not taking birth control for PMS cramps.  I feel that it is a great video and will hopefully open the hearts of more doctors and females to really consider there options, for a natural way.  🙂    I had for several years at the age of 21 to about 31 on and off taken  birth control to help alleviate my painful cramps… I had tried natural ways before to alleviate the pain… but it didn't work… until I came across your luvly PAC Herbs… and I can't thank you so much for creating and sharing them 🙂  <3  I tell all my girlfriends about it and also give them packets to try too 🙂  Now I break out and am trying to find natural ways to help with the acne… do you have any suggestions with that?  I use Proactive and it works pretty good… but I want to go a natural way… and have tried clove oil and tea trea oil topically and it doesn't seem to work as good as Proactiv.  Any suggestions I greatly appreciate…  🙂  By the way thank you for always sending samples in my orders…  I give them away as samples to my friends who would benefit from them 🙂  Much luv and blessings to you and your family 🙂
    Take care,
    Ammie Chu

  2. Samantha

    Hey, thank you so much. I have learned a lot from watching this video, I have been researching about birth control gives you breast cancer for many years now. I asked my doctor but got no real definitive answer. I’m not willing to take any type of risk with my life. I started to realize that birth control pills were the problem when i heard lots of people getting cancer right after using the B.C.P patch. I was very tentative about using it, even though i would go through hell when my period came around. So painful that sometimes i pass out and end up at the hospital. Thank you so much once again this made it very clear for me.

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