For the first time in a long time I'm sleeping thru the night. I take 1 packet of iSleep Herb Pack 10 minutes before bed. I've stopped taking all of those over-the-counter medications. I'm saving money and feeling better. Thank you.
Janet P.
RN. Encino CA.
I'm 57 years old, and very active, both with work and at play. I'm a competitive tennis player and was finding that my low energy level was getting in the way of my lifestyle. Pacific Herbs Energy Booster Herbs help me get re-energized everyday.
George L.
Santa Monica CA.
Pacific Herbs has the highest quality Traditional Chinese herbal remedies I've ever found. My patients see results quickly and they love the taste. Thank you Pacific Herbs for making great products.
Lena Ridly
I'm an active 66 year old exercising daily and working full time. I use several of Pacific Herb products, the Libido Boost is my favorite and I highly recommend it.
Hedley J.
Photographer /

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Mixing our herb packets in water provides the most bio-available format for delivering nutrients to your cells. The active chemical constituents in our products are immediately available without having to wait for your body to break down a pill, capsule or tablet. In addition, to waiting for your body to dissolve pills, tablets and capsules, these modalities all contain filler.