Fertility Tea Herb Pack


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Fertility Tea contains the best fertility supplements. Increase Fertility easily and safely!

Trying to conceive?  Getting pregnant isn’t always easy.  We know the secret in preparing your body for pregnancy.

No guessing, no supplements thrown together at random.

Our natural, drug-free herbs are time tested. Harnessing over 2000 years of knowledge from East-Asian Medicine, women can get (and stay) pregnant.

Increasing your chances of conception is not rocket science. Chinese herbal medicine has many books from ancient times instructing women on what herbs to take to “prepare the womb”.

In modern language, this means more than just creating hormonal balance and timely ovulation of healthy eggs.

A rich uterine lining must be present to sustain an embryo. Fertility Tea Herb Pack has all the right herbs, used for centuries, to help your body prepare for conception and bring a healthy baby into this world. You can get pregnant.

Formulated by a fertility doctor with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of babies. Pacific Herbs pure, concentrated herbal granules support female reproductive health naturally. 

The Fertility Tea herbal combination is specifically designed to improve your body’s ability to release high-quality eggs, nourish your blood and preparing the womb naturally while helping you maintain healthy ovulation cycles.

Our Fertility Tea has no unwanted side effects, is safe for long term use, and can be used in conjunction with IVF (in vitro fertilization); to further increase your chances of conception, be sure to get our Sperm Boost Herb Pack for your partner.

Unlike other herbal and non-herbal fertility supplements on the market, Pacific Herbs Fertility Tea Herb Pack does not contain fillers, binders nor any unnatural chemicals with hard-to-pronounce names. As with all of our products, our Fertility Tea contains only pure, potent herbs grown in nature that have been extensively tested for purity and potency. Your fertility is in your hands and you can start taking Fertility Tea any time during your cycle. The best time to start is today.  Make your conception plans a reality.

  • Teas For Fertility

    Improve your pregnancy chances naturally by improving your egg quality. Our herb pack is the best known way to prepare your body for pregnancy.

  • Formulated by a Fertility Doctor with over 30 years of experience, (and hundreds of babies).
  • Delicious and natural, these herbs have been used safely for centuries.
  • Can be used in conjunction with IVF, in fact, many doctors recommend this Chinese herb combination.
  • Speeds up your chances at getting pregnant, drink this Chinese herbal tea blend every day.
  • Pure, tested, concentrated herbal granules help produce high quality eggs while boosting your immune system.
  • Teas for fertility can increase fertility, naturally and safely.

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  • Psoralea fruit (Bu gu zhi)
  • Rehmannia root (Shu di huang)
  • Goji berry (Gou qi zi)
  • Bupleurum (Chai hu)
  • Cuscuta (Tu si zi)
  • Curculigo rhizome (Xian mao)
  • White Peony Root (Bai shao)
  • Horny goat weed/Epimedium (Yin yang huo)
  • Chinese Angelica (Dang gui)
  • Eucommia (Du zhong)
  • Salvia root (Dan shen)
  • Ligusticum (Chuan xiong)
  • Licorice root (Gan cao)
  • Stevia leaf extract