Immune Boost Herb Pack


Support Your Overall Health by Enhancing and Feeding Your Gut Bacteria.

You will, stay healthy, have more energy throughout the day and think more clearly when you feed  your gut.

Approximately 70% of our immune system begins in the gut  where a complex microbiome ecosystem is found. It lives primarily on complex carbohydrates called “poly-saccarides”.

Build your healthy gut bacteria with herbs like reishi mushroom. When you support your gut, your mood and your entire immune system work optimally.

(Each 100g packet of Immune Boost is approximately a 30 day supply.)

Immune Boost Herb Pack benefits:

  • enhances immune function
  • address leaky gut and brain
  • helps balance the nervous system
  • improves microbiome health
  • improves lung health
  • increases nitric oxide
  • reduces inflammation
  • improves mental clarity and cognitive function
  • increases micro-circulation

One of the oldest book on plants is Shen Nong’s Divine Farmers Materia Medica, written between 200 and 250 CE, it says, “the continuous consumption of Reishi makes your body light and young, lengthens your life and turns you into one like the immortal who never dies.”

  • Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma) has concentrated polysaccharides, exactly what your gut bacteria eat

  • Traditional Asian herbs have been used for centuries to boost health

  • No pills – No capsules full of fillers

  • Highly concentrated cooked and dried granules of reishi, astragalus and others herbs

  • Studies suggest reishi has a lessening effect on oxidative stress

Immune Boost Herb Pack Ingredients

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  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Astragalus
    Astragalus promotes T-Cells and activates B-Cells. Astragalus contains compounds which slow cell aging and increase DNA repair ability.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Ginger Root
    Loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds ginger provides various effects including anti-inflammatory and the ability to inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria. Ginger root is commonly used for issues from digestion to inflammation.  
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Jujube
    This natural fruit contains critically important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols all of which have many benefits including stress-alleviating properties. Reducing stress is always good for our immune system.
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Liquorice Root
    Licorice has a long and highly varied record of uses. It was and remains one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is said this herb goes to all twelve channels of the body, a claim given to only a few Chinese herbs. By entering all body channels this herb is often(...)
  • Pacific Herbs Ingredient Reishi Mushroom
    Reishi mushroom contains large amounts of polysaccharides which are food for our gut bacteria. By feeding your gut bacteria you boost diversity and colonies of beneficial bacteria which in turn boost your immune system.

Usage instructions:

Mix 1/2 tsp. of Immune Boost Herb Pack in hot water and wait 5 minutes,
OR put granules straight into your mouth and swallow with water or juice. Mixing with other drinks or food will inhibit digestion.
Immune Boost Herb Pack is best taken 30 minutes before or after meals to allow for optimum digestion and bio-availability of these herbs. The strength of the herbal formula is maximized when taken apart from other foods and drinks.

• This combination of herbs has an inherited synergy of the herbs working together.

• 10:1 extract (one gram of this product is equivalent to ten grams of dried herbs)

• No unnecessary fillers – NO magnesium stearate.

• Pacific Herbs sells only the highest quality concentrated herbal granules.

• Our commitment: To provide the finest quality botanical supplements.

Standardized quality control testing on each batch of raw herbs and formulas. Each product batch is tracked with lot numbers and expiration dates. Lot numbers correspond to “Certificates Of Analysis” otherwise known as “COA’s”.

More Information on Reishi and Astragalus

REISHI Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is a fungus that holds an important place in the traditional medical systems of China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries for its health-promoting effects. It is used as an immune-stimulant. Active constituents include beta-glucans, polysaccharides and triterpenes.

Reishi mushroom antioxidant properties may enhance immune response.

Reishi mushroom contains complex sugars known as beta-glucans. Lab studies suggest that these compounds may help stop the growth of abnormal cells. When animals were fed beta-glucans, some cells of their immune system became more active.

Data from clinical studies suggest reishi can strengthen immune response in humans. In addition, reishi mushrooms contain sterols that can act as precursors to hormones in the body, along with substances called triterpenes that may have blood pressure-lowering and anti-allergy effects. Reishi mushrooms have also been shown to slow blood clotting.

Extracts of reishi were shown to have immunomodulatory (2) (3) (4) (5) (12),  renoprotective (9), anti-inflammatory (36), and hepatoprotective (37) properties both in vitro and in vivo. Clinical studies indicate its benefits in improving lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men (10) (20), and in exerting mild antidiabetic effects and improving dyslipidemia (29). However, randomized controlled trials do not support the use of reishi to address cardiovascular risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes (38) (43). A pilot study of reishi spore powder did not find it helpful in treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (1).

Reishi has also been studied for its anticancer potential. In vitro and animal studies indicate that it has antiproliferative  (39) and chemopreventive effects (21), alleviates chemotherapy-induced nausea (13), enhances the efficacy of radiotherapy (22), and increases the sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin (27). It may also help prevent cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity (28).

In small clinical studies, reishi increased plasma antioxidant capacity (6) (7), and enhanced immune responses in cancer patients (8) (40).  There is evidence it (reishi) may have a role in stimulating host immunity and enhancing tumor response (44).

An in vitro study reported that reishi mushroom extract has toxic effects in leukocytes (14). There are also a few documented cases of hepatotoxicity (24) (25). More research is therefore needed to determine its safety and effectiveness as an adjunctive cancer treatment.

Mechanisms of Action:

Beta glucans, polysaccharides present in reishi, have demonstrated antitumor and immunostimulating activities (18) (40). Its triterpene compounds may inhibit tumor invasion by reducing matrix metalloproteinase expression (16),

Medicinal Mushrooms: Current Use in Clinical Practice



Astragalus promotes T-Cells and has been shown to activate B-Cells. Astragalus contains compounds which slow cell aging through reduced telomere shortening rate, oxidative stress, and increasing DNA repair ability.
Pubmed Data: DNA Cell Biol. 2010 Jan;29(1):33-9. PMID: 19839736

Astragalus contains two isomers which decrease the expression of p16, which may slow aging. Pubmed Data : Chin Med J (Engl). 2008 Feb 5;121(3):231-5. PMID: 18298915

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Weight 3.5 lbs
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Immmune Boost Pack sizes

1.75 oz packets (50g), 3.5 oz packets (100g)

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