This Year I Will Finally (dot, dot, dot)

Hopefully you've made some New Years resolutions and hopefully you can keep them. 

One resolution I hear often from patients is "I would like to stop taking so many OTC (over the counter) pain killers."  When I inquire further, I often learn the Tylenol, Advil, or generic  ibuprofen or acetaminophen are used for muscle aches, PMS and menstrual cramps and some use the PM versions of these OTC pain relievers as a sleep aid.  I'm always surprised people use these for sleep aids because their is no evidence that the PM versions of these pills have any active ingredients that will help you sleep.

If you are taking these pain killers for menstrual cramps you should check out our PMS Relief Herb Pac, and if you are taking over-the counter pain relievers for muscle aches I recommend switching to a systemic enzyme supplement.  

If you are taking acetaminophen, whether it be a generic or Tylenol, make sure you heed the BLACK BOX Warning on the box label.  The FDA requires the manufacturers to include this warning because of the number of life threatening incidences resulting in liver failure and death.   650 mg  is the maximum recommended dosage per day, this is two pills at 325 mg.  More than that and you risk serious liver damage.  Please don't buy the 1000 quantity bottles at Costco or Wallmart, simply because 1000 of any pain reliever is just too many.

If you drink on the same day you're taking acetaminophen, you increase your risk for acute (sudden onset) liver failure. Don't be one of the thousands that are rushed to the emergency room each year as a result of acetaminophen overdosing.  Herbs are a fantastic alternative to OTC pain relievers.  Our herbal sleep aid is a much safer and more effective solution. 

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