Scott’s Death Questions Sleep Aids Side-effects

Every year another sad story of a famous Hollywood somebody dies with drugs found in their body. This time again, like so many others, the drugs included prescription sleep aids and anti-depressants. 


It is truly the saddest story of all.


Fact is, sleep loss can cause depression.  Depression worsens with insomnia. Anti-depressant drugs have side-effects including sleeplessness and the once a person begins medication for these it's hard to tell which is came first, the chicken or the egg?


Filmmaker Tony Scott is now another statistic of sleeplessness and drugs.  Coroner's found both sleep aids and anti-depressants in his body.  Why a successful filmmaker can't find an answer to insomnia and depression baffles my mind?  Today we have so many answers and so many possible approaches to sleeplessness yet people suffer.    


Condolences to his family and friends, business associates and all who will miss his talent.  May we learn something from this loss and his struggle with sleep aids.