Garcina Cambogia is Not Chinese Medicine

fat in pinkThere is no SKINNY PILL!      Sorry if this shocks you.
If you are shocked by the above sentence, you may also be surprised to learn

Garcina Cambogia is NOT Chinese Medicine!


I hope you don’t think Chinese Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a magic
formula for weight loss. It can certainly help, but there is no magic pill.

Don’t waste your money on Garcinia cambogia.

The 4000 year traditions of Chinese herbal medicine are centered around creating balance
throughout the body. Rhubarb  for example has been used for centuries to help detox the colon and move the bowels.  TCM has many herbs that improve the gut.  During much of the last 4000 years the majority of the millions of people who used TCM were naturally thin because food sources were often NOT available. Being over-weight was nearly impossible because famine years were frequent.

Chinese herbal medicine has a rich history of using plants, NOT garcina cambogia, to help
balance the digestive system and help move stagnant food through the gut. (think constipation)
Skinny Boost Herb Pack helps many who have poor digestion and slow bowel motility.

The claims that Garcina Cambogia is your miracle pill are just hype to help you part with your money in the false hope that it will be your weight loss answer.

Please, stop wasting your money and get yourself a good coach, dietitian, friend, acupuncturist or someone who helps you lose weight with a balanced, sustainable program that allows you to enjoy your food.  Eat to live, don’t live to eat.