What is it about Fresh Home Cooking?

Chinese herbs are better in packetsMany of us are going “home” for the holidays and looking forward to a fresh home cooked meal by our mothers, grandmothers or anyone who loves to cook. Fresh is always better, food and herbs alike. There is most definitely a better taste to freshly cooked food vs the pre-packaged variety.  It’s not just the taste that’s pleasing it’s how well we feel afterwards. We feel stronger, happier, more energized and ready to take on the world after a hearty, healthy meal.
Eating fresh herbs should give you the same feeling. In this case I’m referring to Chinese herbs taken as herbal medicines should have the same strength or greater than food.  Chinese herbs have specific qualities to benefit your health. Take the right ones for your body and you should feel stronger, happier and more energized.  
Yet, many Chinese herb products on the market don’t make you feel this way at all.  Did you every think that maybe something got lost in the processing when those wonderful natural plants got put into some little tiny pills or capsules. Maybe those natural product, roots, berries, flowers were exposed to air (like that banana on the counter for too long) and air just spoiled them rotten?
It happens all the time. In fact, bottled herbal supplements are spoiling as you read this. They are not protected from air and moisture.  They try by adding those moisture absorbent little packs into the bottles, but natural products do what they’ve always done, they spoil naturally.

Our herbs are cooked and dried into a concentrated extract (which equals about 4-5 times the potency of the fundamental herbs) and immediately packaged in air tight, moisture tight individual packets. This packaging  protects the natural flavors and benefits chemicals within the herbs. Because foods and natural herbs degrade quickly when exposed to air and moisture, our method of packaging insures the freshest possible Chinese herbs. Guaranteed fresh as the day they were cooked.  Our herbs are just like that fresh home-cooked meal your so looking forward to this time of year to make you feel stronger, happier, more energized and ready to take on the world.