President Clinton Loses Weight With the Help of Herbs

Clinton loses weight withthe help of a Chinese herbFormer President Clinton wanted to get into shape for his daughters wedding.  Sounds familiar, what almost every parent hopes to do, but not all can achieve this goal.  So how did he do it?  He changed his eating habits and added herbs!  “It changed my whole metabolism,” Clinton says. “And I lost 24 pounds. And I got back to basically what I weighed in high school.”

In the video below President Clinton talks about changing his diet and the protein drink he makes to start his day.  One of the herbs in the morning protein drink is a famous Chinese herb called He Shou Wu.  This herb has been studied and used since ancient times to increase stamina and rejuvenate the body.  Something clearly worked well for Clinton.   This Chinese herb is also well known for increasing sexual vitality and longevity.  Both men and women can use it for fertility.   If you are interested in adding He Shou Wu  to your protein shake or drinking it as a tea, we provide only the  highest quality herbs and He Shou Wu concentrated granules here at Pac Herbs.