Hot Flash on Menopause Supplements, Not All Are Created Equal

herbal remedies for menopause

When it’s cold outside but you're burning up on the inside, it might be menopause.  That wonderful time around "mid-life" when women's bodies often need a thermostat adjustment.  With all the bad news about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) you may prefer a more natural, herbal product for those hot flashes and night sweats.  

Your in luck, there are lots to choose from!

I personally always like to check in with before I purchase any herbs or natural supplement for menopause or any affliction for that matter.   Consumer labs independently test products and lists the reports on their website.  It’s astonishing to see how many products don’t pass the tests, often because the ingredients on the label don’t match the ingredients in the bottle.  When I checked out the herbal menopause section on I found most of the 20 or so products failed to meet minimum standards.   Sorry, I can't post that information here,  they have a strict copyright policy.  (You can sign up for an account to see them all for yourselves.)   

It's a buyers beware world in supplements today. One of the worst offenders was a  black cohosh product which  tested positive for high amounts of lead.  Others failed because the soy levels were much lower than the label stated or  because they did not list the botanicals inside on the label.  Yet, you will find all these products for hot flashes and night sweats in the health food stores.  So buyer beware of what your getting.  Do your research and know where your herbs are coming from, who’s packing them and what’s really in them. You really don't want to be paying for  heavy metals in your herbal supplements.  Also note black cohosh warning for liver damage and should not be used long term.

At Pac Herbs we purchase only premium quality herbs that have been tested for heavy metals and bacteria such as e-coli, and pesticide residues.  We are completely transparent about where are products are manufactured and how they are tested.  Our herbs are batch tested for potency and finished products must again pass  for active herbal chemical constituents.  We use only the highest grade pharmaceutical factory in the world to process our herbal Menopause Relief  (no black cohosh) and all our other products.   Take a virtual tour of our factory here and if you have any questions let us know.  We guarantee everything we sell.