Thunder God Vine – Celestrol May Help in Leptin Resistance

Celestrol is a naturally occurring chemical in plants like the Thunder God Vine. It has been researched extensively as an anti-obesity drug, because of it’s action in helping with leptin resistance. However, the molecular mechanism for this activity is unknown. This plant is one of the hundreds commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Celestrol is NOT the magic bullet for weight loss but one study done on rats. Leptin is the hormone that stimulates appetite. Celestrol may help reduce appetite safely. However, when Thunder God Vine is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, it is always used in a combination of herbs, or formula. This naturally occurring substance known as celestrol is only one of many chemicals in the Thunder God Vine. The supplements now on the market that have concentrated celestrol may not be a safe and effective way to take this chemical. It has no historical use and would never be used alone in one of the oldest herbal medicine traditions.

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Natural Weight Loss Herbs- Skinny Boost

This is an informative video about Skinny Boost, the new herbal formula from Pacific Herbs!  It is the number one weight loss herbal formula used in Japan today, and has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This herbal remedy was first written down in 1070 AD and has been used ever since then. Skinny Boost Herb Pack is a time-tested weight loss remedy that helps improve metabolism, helps with elimination and gives your digestive system a boost so you can process and use what you eat more effectively. Give Skinny Boost a try today. We know you're going to love it. More about Skinny Boost here.


What’s Eating You? Rantings on Diets and Chinese Herbs

Three weeks into the new year and you've got it figured out right?  I'm talking about your weight loss diet plan of course!!

Judging by the calls and emails, lots of folks are looking for that proverbial Chinese herb or herbal remedy that will  help them lose weight. No matter how many millions of weight lose web sites and diet plans you read, this simple fact remains.

What's eating you, is much more important, than what you're eating. 

Since your body is a mirror of all your thoughts, your diet starts in your head.  When you feed your body the wisdom of self love and self respect, you will never eat anything that doesn't match that intention.  Simple as that.  What I find ironic is that most diet /meal plan companies from Weight Watchers, to Jenny Craig to Nutrisystem, spend so much time focusing on what you eat, they often miss out on focusing on what's eating you?   How much food do you consume mindlessly?  All the contestants on the Biggest Loser when asked why they gained so much weight, admit to unconsciously eating their way to their large size.

For the Record:  Healthy weight starts in your head.  We can help you with Chinese herbs which can help clear out the poop chute. ( I know a very cute 8 year old who laughs hysterically at this phrase.)  They won't help suppress your appetite, although drinking herbal tea may help fill you up.  Chinese herbs are commonly used for both constipation and diarrhea.  If either is a problem, call or email us for a phone consultation. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors commonly use the ancient formula called  "Run Chang Wan" (Moisten Intestines Pill.)  Our version includes Huo Ma Ren (marijuana seeds), rehmannia, (shu di huang) and unprocessed Chinese rhubarb root (da huang) and a few other herbs.  This herbal remedy for constipation maximizes laxative properties while still being safe and mild. Call us for more information.