Natural Alternatives to Birth Control Pills for PMS

Natural remedies to PMS and period crampsMany young women are looking for a natural alternative to birth control pills for the PMS and cramps they get each month.  Chinese herbs are very effective at controlling and eliminating PMS (premenstrual syndrome).  The birth control pill is an option many women choose because they are not familiar with Chinese herbal medicine.

The approach I take is very different than the way progesterone and estrogen therapy found in the “Pill”.  Chinese Medicine can treat PMS and cramps successfully without artificial hormones.

Chinese Medicine recognizes that the liver is an organ that not just cleans blood but also moves blood.  When the liver is overly taxed by stress, lack of sleep, drugs or accumulation of chemicals (including hormones found in our food supply) the liver energy can become stagnate.   This stagnation effects the breasts, the uterus and eventually all the channels of the body because the liver cannot effectively perform it’s functions.

PMS results because the liver energy and the liver blood are not moving.  Breast tenderness occurs because the liver channel energy runs through the breast area and up to the head which may also result in headaches.  If the liver is given an opportunity to “detoxify” this can help move the liver Qi or energy.

Chinese herbs treat this stagnation with herbs that help move the blood, help normalize hormones and herbs that help reduce the liver Qi stagnation.   By moving the liver energy, the emotional component of PMS such as moodiness and irritability are resolved. This may seem foreign to Americans, but is a common practice of the Chinese.

Chinese herbal formulas for PMS symptoms date back to over 1000 years ago.  This is a remarkable testament to their popularity and to their success. We have many modern day clinical studies that  have been done on Chinese herbs for PMS, click here to read about the largest one conducted on over 3000 women.

Herbal remedies are safe and can provide complete cures for menstrual symptoms.  Symptoms will reduce immediatly and often resolve completely within a few months. A formula used by many women in China is call Jia Wei Xiao Yao San. Today it is found in every drug store in pill form or individual herbal packets throughout Asia.   Many people in China prefer the packets because it’s potency is much stronger than pills.  We don’t yet have these herbs in every drug store in America, but we are sure the American drug stores will catch on soon.  For our favorite PMS Relief product go here.