Don’t Worry, We have a Pill For That! Menstrual Cramps, Menopause, You Name It!

Have we become a nation of pill pushers?

It's a fact, in 2009, doctors wrote more prescription than the total number of people in the U.S.  When did we become so dependent on prescription drugs?  If your anxious, we have a pill for that.  If you need a sleep aid, we have a pill for that.  If your depressed, fatigued, can't concentrate, have hot flashes, think your having a panic attack or just having menstrual cramps, we have a pill for that too.

Why do people believe all the answers arrive in a pill?  Is it because the pharmaceutical industry spent 4.5 BILLION dollars on advertising and marketing  in 2009 alone? That's more than the entire economies of many countries.  With that much money, I guess they can convince people there is a pill for just about everything. High school kids are now more likely now to pop some prescription drugs than to smoke pot.  In fact, it's nothing new for high school students to buy and sell just about any prescription medicine.  Med's to improve your attention span seem to be the most commonly sold.  It's no wonder, the stress of making grades and getting into the right college weighs heavy on them and the drug companies have told them "we even have a pill for that".  Every year a new malady and every year a new pill for "that".

Before there was a pill for "that", there were herbs for "that".  Every action found in a pill was found in plants and herbs first. Revisit history to see that herbs have been used medicinally since the beginning of time.  The difference between the pill form and the natural herb is the safety record.  Pharmaceuticals pretend each pill they create is safe to take, without any "real" side-effects.  When in fact, these drugs can contain very serious side effects.  

If you need something for "that" visit your local Acupuncturist or natural food store.  You can easily find the answer in a natural drug form. Chinese herbs have the answer for "that",  just let us know what "that"  is and we'll help you with the answer. Leave your comments and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, We have a Pill For That! Menstrual Cramps, Menopause, You Name It!

  1. Joyce Marley, Lac

    Some people may ask what is the difference between taking a pharmaceutical pill or an herbal pill….you're still taking a pill.  The difference is, the combination of herbs in a specific herbal formula addresses not only the symptom, but the underlying cause from a chinese medicine perspective of balance in the body.  The other difference is the test of time.  Pharmaceuticals are tested possibly for years before released to the market, and often recalled because of harmful affects found after the fact.  Chinese herbal formulas have been around for centuries and if purchased from reputable companies who meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), are very safe.

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