Chinese Medicine and Consumer Transparency – Where Do Your Herbs Come From?

I realized it’s been a year since I posted an article about transparency of herbal products on the market today.  Much has changed with new GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) laws and much has stayed the same.  I decided to re-post this while talking with a client about what to look for in the best Chinese herb products on the market.  It will always be a buyers-beware market. You must do your homework when shopping for supplements. The first order of business is to check out the manufacturer.  If you would like our Free Special Report on:  “What you need to know about Chinese Herbs before you buy” just sign up for our news letter and you will receive it FREE.  Or click here.  Enjoy this article about transparency and what we’ve done to help provide you with the most information possible about our herbal products.

Crystal Clear = transparencyAs I make my way through the murky waters of the internet today, I found the most refreshing words, like a crystal clear lake in the middle of the  mountains that you just happen upon on a back country hike.  The words were these:  “Directions to Standard Process” Now I don’t usually name any companies in my blogs or support and certain supplier and I  truthfully have no connection with Standard Process (a supplement manufacturer), but that’s not the reason to mention them here.  The reason is simple.  Wadding through all the supplement/herb suppliers on the internet I’ve never seen these words before. Directions,  they are advertising directions to their factory on a map of Wisconsin and even more incredible, a tour of their factory. It’s unheard of!

This is exactly what we need in this industry.  Transparency is more than a word.   It is an action that companies need to take for consumers to have real faith in their products.   PAC Herbs along with Standard Process has done this and more.  Both our websites  announces  to  the public, “take a tour of our  facilities”.   Standard Process says  “hairnets and lab-coats are provided  and please wear rubber shoes”.    If that’s not the gold standard what is?   It simple doesn’t get more transparent than that. Since our factory is in Taiwan, and it’s a bit of a trek for most of us to follow the “Directions to PAC Herbs factory”. Rather than  lose transparency  because of  distance, I have brought our factory tour to you, via internet and video.   

I’ve also added a Google Earth link so you can easily find our factory via cyberspace and zoom right in. Our factory video is on our home page so in approximately  three minutes you can take a tour, no lab-coat or hair net needed. You can even do it barefoot. A company that’s been around as long as Standard Process (since 1929) has learned the value in allowing customers (and potential customers) complete access. I’m impressed with their transparency and continue to follow their lead.  This is a must for our industry.  Consumers  want access these days, not only does it make us feel special,  like we’re a celebrity cutting right through to the front of the line. More importantly,  transparency helps educate consumers and allows them to  purchase the best products for their health needs,  rather than a cheap imitation product that’s barely effective. Herb and other supplement manufacturers who choose to keep those “Directions”   from their websites are missing a golden opportunity to increase their own credibility,  or do they have something to hide?

Herbal medicine suppliers talk about cGMP processing rules and regulations but unless you know  where they physically are manufacturing the goods how can you know or trust their products.  The herbal/supplement market suffers greatly from lost credibility.  PAC Herbs takes a different direction. We’ve contracted with the most reputable herbal processing manufacturer in the world, KPC, Kaiser Pharmaceutical Company, to produce our products. (not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente) We have actively chosen to be transparent about our factory, location, operation and it’s history, to give you the confidence that our Chinese herbal  products are the best on the planet.  

Check out the KPC  website, learn more, you’ll find it a refreshing change from most herb suppliers who prefer to leave those “directions” conspicuously missing.