Chinese Herb News For Spinal Cord Injuries

Could a small group of Chinese herbs help those with spinal cord injuries? 

A study conducted in Ontario Canada has asked percisely that question.  The researchers at McMaster University have used Chinese herbs in rats and had success in spinal cord injury.The study results were published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience Journal and can be found in Science Daily. (

The herbal formula consisted of ginseng, rhizoma (chuan xiong), glycyrrhizae radix (gan cao), paeoniae alba radix (bai shao) and cinnamomi cortex (rou gui) and possibly a few other herbs to reduce the pain and inflammation. In this study rats began JSK treatment immediately after undergoing spinal cord injury. "Within 7 days, hindlimb locomotor function was significantly better in JSK-treated rats compared to those receiving only saline. JSK-treated rats continued to have better motor function than controls throughout the 21-day test period and treated animals appeared to support their weight better and have more coordinated movement."  (Science Daily)