Pain Killers & Drug Overdoses Now Higher Than Gun Shot Cases

Drug abuse treatment with herbsOnce upon a time we were a nation where statistically more people died of gunshot wounds than from legal drugs.   This statistic has now been turned upside down.  Whether it's from sleep aids or pain killers, legal drugs can lead to death.

Drug Abuse… make that "Legal Drug Abuse"… is now our nations fastest drug problem.

Seems ironic because legal drugs can only be obtained by prescription. Doesn't that make the doctors the problem?  I can't answer that, either way the FDA has a new action plan as of April 18th, 2011, a plan to fight the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

The Obama Administration now urges "education on opioid risks and benefits" to educate doctors on proper pain management.  Isn't this something doctors should already know? 

Approximately 38,000 (drug-induced deaths) people died UNINTENTIONALLY from drug overdoses in 2007 according to the Center for Disease Control. (Numbers  are not yet available for the last couple years.)  

More people died of legal drug overdoses unintentionally than from gunshot wounds in 2007. 

When looking for a statistic on how many people die from herb overdoes in 2007 the number is ZERO.  Just to compare apples to apples, we won't look at other years (where the number of herb deaths from unintentional overdoses are also zero.) Zero drug overdoses from herbs or herbal remedies.

Zero deaths from herbs, whether they are Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic herbs, Western herbs any herbal remedies or herbal supplements, deaths are zero. Yet, approximately 27,000 people died because doctors prescribe to many pain killers.  I would more aptly call them people killers.  

The drugs that kill include all those extended-release and long-acting opioid medications hydromorphone, oxycodone, morphine, oxymorphine, morphone, methadone, and transdermal fentanyl.  In addition, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that hospital emergency department visits involving prescription drug abuse have doubled just over the past 5 years.

Overdoses from crack cocaine and others illegal drugs, are not even close to the same problematic level.

I for one and happy to see attention being brought to this national health crisis.  We need a healthcare system that delivers preventative medicine.  Natural medicine such as herbs that can treat the root causes of pathologies,  not drugs that cover up symptoms while creating mass havoc in the body with side-effects, including the unintentional side-effect of death.