GoJi Berries For More Energy And Less Weight

Chinese herbs for energyHave you tried goji berries yet?  Before you could only find them at Asian grocery stores and China town.  Now Whole Foods and health food stores everywhere are carrying them. 

Goji berries have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2500 years.  Sometimes they are also labeled as Lycium or Wolfberry.   Goji berries make a great snack that provide quick energy.  They have been used as a blood tonic herb in Chinese herbal medicine for this reason.  This is exactly why we included them in our Energy Booster Herb Pack.

They look a little like a dried raisin, but smaller and red in color.  Often selling for about $15.00 for half pound, they are NOT cheap!  But the health benefits of this Chinese herb are more than worth their weight. 

The value in these little berries has been demonstrated in hundreds of studies.   One of the most  recent studies done in the U.S. on goji berries found they can increase your metabolic rate and reduce body weight. So, if you're looking for a healthy snack food or a boost of energy, goji's are a great choice.




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Goji Berries – Health Benefits of Chinese Herbs

The health benefits of Lycium fruit, otherwise known as Goji berries are nearly unmatched by any other berry.  While Western countries are just recently discovering these incredible antioxidants, Chinese medicine has been using them for centuries.   Many foods and herbs overlap in Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) and goji berries is one of these, a  food used in herbal remedies.   Today we are finding goji in energy drinks, energy bars and as a stand alone dried fruit in many health food stores.

A recent study at the University of Basel in Switzerland showed lycium to have " antioxidative properties and some interesting pharmacological activities in the context of age related diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes."1

Lycium berries have a long history of use in Chinese medicine.  They are commonly seen in cooking recipes from soups to congee (hot cereal) to stews.   Goji berries are known as a tonic herb for the blood, considered a liver protector and especially beneficial for the eyes.

In  Sydney Australia a study of mice drinking goji berry juice was conducted.  What the researchers found was the goji juice protected the mice against UV radiation induced skin damage because of its antioxidant activity. 2

Goji berries probably have more therapeutic value than we yet grasp.  If you would like to read more studies you can always check out pubmed.com.   Yet, before the age of the computer Chinese medicine understood the value in these little red berries and herbal formulas go back over a thousand years that have included lycium in herbal prescriptions for health.  We've included it in our Energy Booster Herb Pack which is bases on an ancient Chinese herbal formula that has been used for "Wellness for Centuries". 



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