Energy Drinks With Carnitine Dangerous Link For Heart Disease

A study just released from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio shows energy drinks with carnitine, a common additive not always disclosed on the labels, has been tied to heart disease.  The amount of carnitine found in energy drinks varies and may be harmful especially in doses of more than 3 grams daily.  The Cleveland Clinic study showed carnitine contributes to hardening of the arteries.

The research group, led by Dr. Hazen, section head of preventive cardiology and rehabilitation, found the link between heart disease and carnitine and the bacteria in the intestine that digests carnitine.  If you ever wondered why docotors recommend limiting red meat in your diet if you have heart issues, it it’s because carnitine is also found in red meat.

“It’s shifting their [gut] flora to one that’s more likely to promote atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries,” said Dr. Hazen.  “I wouldn’t want my family members drinking these.”


Energy Drinks Spell Cavities

Energy drinks are being consumed at an all time record high.  There is a virtual explosion on the market  and yet the teens and  twenty something crowd that buys the most of these drinks seem to know nothing of the damage they are doing to their teeth.  

Everyone know sodas are bad for your teeth but energy drinks are so new to the market and there just hasn't been data available about the tooth decay they cause.

Fact is, most of the sports and energy drinks have extremely high sugar and acid content that destroy the enamel on your teeth.

"People don't realize the sugar content is pretty high", says Dr. Nancy Hanratty, a dentist at 1st Advantage Dental Group in Greenfield.

Take a look at some of  sugar contents of  energy drinks,  NOS has 52 grams of sugar per serving. Monster and Red Bull 27 grams. Gatorade and Powerade have around 20 grams of sugar.

Dr. Hanratty says "most of the problems with teenagers is the liquid pools around your teeth, the plague builds up and the bacteria uses the sugar to break down the surfaces of your teeth."

"The other aspect of it, they tend to have an acid base, so it causes erosion", says Dr. Hanratty."The recommendation is  to rinse it off of your teeth so it's not staying around the surface."  In other words…. Brush Your Teeth after you drink energy drinks or use Energy Booster Herb Pack that does not cause tooth decay but still gives you a natural boost that will keep you going through the day. 

5 Reason To Learn About Chinese Herbs

1. Chinese Herbal Medicine is Used by One Third of Earth’s Population

Chinese herbs help you sleep, are a menopause treatment and make a great energy drink

Are you part of the 33%?  If you use Chinese herbs to help you sleep, give you energy or just provide you with relief from menopause hot flashes and night sweats, you should know you  are part of the growing world wide explosion of use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).   As populations increase more and more people worldwide are looking to the medicine they know their grandparents trusted and depended upon.

2. Herbs Are Synergistic; They Work With Our Immune System.

Some herbs, like ginseng are adaptogens others are immune-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-oxidant.  Herbs used in combinations or formulas can improve our total immune system.  There is not a single prescription drug can do that.  

3. Herbal Formulas Have Been Studied and Tested

Imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if you simply had more energy, a clearer head and a relaxed body. Look at the thousands of studies on  that have been done on plant based medicine to prove time tested results are more than coincidence for insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, menstrual irregularities, migraines, the list is endless.

4. Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas Have Been Used Continuously For Over 1000 Years.

Herbal Medicine is currently the main medicine for over 33% of the world’s population and has a long established record of effectiveness.  Chinese herbal medicine has written documentation going back to 200 AD. Asian cultures have used this plant-based medicine or medicinal herbs for thousands of years and have an inherent understanding of their healing qualities. In fact, many Chinese dishes are made with herbs for medicinal value because food is also medicine.

5. Herbs Match Our Biochemistry

Our biochemistry has evolved over millions of years with plants as our main source of food, so we are naturally compatible with medicinal herbs. Herbal medicines  inherently have the same chemical structures that built your body in the first place.  Allkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, saponins and more are all found in natural plants. These are the chemical structures your body needs to repair itself.

Bonus Reason:  Compared to Prescriptions, Herbs are a bargain

Herbal supplements are the best investment you can make in yourself. They are far less expensive than prescription medication and their greatest savings comes from the prevention of long term illness. The western standard for disease- if you’re not sick, you’re healthy – should not be the measurement of one’s health.