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Frequently Asked Questions

Herbs have been relied upon for the healing of ailments for thousands of years. The focus of Chinese herbal medicine is to support the body’s self healing ability. Herbs nourish us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Herbs are super foods, so by eating them we enrich ourselves with a vast array of nutrients.

The two most common questions we hear are:

What are Chinese Herbs and Why packets? Click here to watch the video explanation.


How Safe are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese herbs have been used for literally thousands of years. Asian cultures use herbs in a variety of everyday food products, from teas, soups, congees (healthy oatmeal) to meat dishes which contain herbs to help digest the meat. Today’s medicinal herbs have been researched and studied extensively. So much research has been done in fact that we now can distinguish exactly which active ingredients such as flavonoids, glycosides, tanins, polysaccharides and alkaloids (to name just a few) exist in each plant species. Many of these are the same active ingredients in our prescription drugs. Alkaloids for example have been manufactured as various pain killer drugs such as morphine. Tannins, are the chemicals known as the healthy antioxidants found in red wines that show beneficial effects on vascular health. Check out our articles and blog for information on studies and recent published articles on Chinese herbs.

Why packets rather than capsules?

Research has shown herb granules (without fillers) dissolved in warm water have a faster effect and complete absorption rate in the body.

How do I take packets of herbs?

1 packet of iSleep before bed is all you need. For PMS Relief Herb Pack take 1 packet the day before your menstrual cycle starts or as soon as you notice symptoms. The recommended dose of PMS Relief is 1 packet per day for only during your menstrual cycle. You can also take 1 packet the day of ovulation if your feeling moody or irritable. The herb granules dissolve completely in warm  or hot water and are easy to drink as a tea or you can simply pour the packet of granules onto your tongue and swallow as if taking a pill. This is easier than you think.

Why haven’t I ever seen you on TV or heard you on the radio or seen a big splashy magazine campaigns?

TV, Radio and print magazines cost a lot of money. We are putting all our money into quality, pure, tested herbal products. Just because you haven’t heard of us till now, doesn’t mean our Chinese herb products aren’t the highest quality products on the market. We hope soon we will have enough money for big splashy advertising campaigns. In the meantime it’s important to know that our herbs are tested for more than 200 possible contaminants and packaged to stay potent till you use them. Our herbs are not degrading sitting on the shelf like all those other products in bottles filled with capsules. The oxidation factor (oxygen in the bottles) slowly degrades the natural potency of other herbal brands. If everyone had the technology to put their products into individually sealed packets they might do it… except that it does cost a bit more and many companies only care about the bottom line not the quality of their herbal products.

Is the manufacturing process an important consideration when choosing the brand of herbs? DEFINITELY!

To ensure safety, it’s important to buy herbs from reputable manufacturer’s that adheres to current good manufacturing practices (GMPc) for food products. GMPc companies provide full disclosure on the label and offer considerable support literature, describing the manufacturing process and adherence to various guidelines for keeping herbs safe and effective. It is always advisable to ensure that you are aware of a company’s manufacturing process for any natural herb supplements. Look to see your manufacturer performs routine tests for herb specie identification with thin layer chromatography, heavy metal testing, pesticide testing using a standard of PPB (parts per billion rather than PPM – parts per million). Pacific Herbs is completely transparent regarding the source and manufacturer of our products because our manufacturer has the highest standards worldwide. We are using the  same herbs approved by the Australian government and Japanese governmental agencies which have the strictest standards in the world for herbal processing and Certificate of Analysis tracking and systems.

How long before I see results?

Just as people and their various states of dis- ease, (an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction) results can vary, according to the relative imbalance in an individual. There are many variables to this answer, your age, your overall health and your severity of symptoms. Beyond these factors, generally speaking iSleep will improve the quality and quantity of your sleep on the first dose. Depending on your sleeping habits, if you fall asleep without difficulty, but wake up often at the same time each night. We always suggest mixing the entire packet in a 1/2 cup of warm water and drinking half before bed and then leaving it by your bed and drink the remaining amount when you wake up. You won’t have any morning grogginess but it will help you get right back to sleep. Our PMS Relief Herb Pack give nearly immediate relief from all menstrual symptoms. For more information on PMS Relief click here.. You may call us and speak to a Licensed Acupuncturist/herbalist if you have more questions or we are happy to suggest an Acupuncturist in your neighborhood.

I’m taking prescription medication. Can I also take these herbs?

It is very common to combine both western medications with herbal remedies. However, it is always recommended to talk to a Licensed Acupuncturist who has studied Chinese Herbal medicine to insure your particular medications will not interact with any of our herbal formulas. You may call us to discuss your situation at any time. We usually make appointments for such discussions with a Licensed Acupuncturist. If you are under a doctor’s care we do recommend you continue to follow your medication schedule as your Doctor prescribed. Pacific Herbs products will help support your overall well being and your body’s desire for balance or homeostasis.

Do I have to take these herbal products forever?

iSleep helps you get a good nights sleep while simultaneously helping you change your sleeping habits. Once your body gets accustom to these new habits you may not need it any longer. Both our formulas have been used for thousands of years, successfully. PMS Relief will help balance out your hormones naturally. After most young girls use it for a few months they often find they need only one packet on the first day of their cycles.

Can herbs and herbal medicines help for (remove) psychological conditions?

Many herbs have natural tranquilizing effects and are amply suited to depression, anxiety and hyperactivity. Many people do take our iSleep Herb Pack during the day time because it  provides a mild calming effect. If you experience anxiety during the day time, Relax Herb Pack can help reduce anxiety and level out stressful feelings.

Which are better, herbs in capsules, tablets or granules in packets?

There are several different choices today in ways to consume herbal medicine. Capsules have been the preferred method simply because technology was available to fill the capsules at a low cost. However, herbs are generally sticky. Capsule making machines tend to get clogged up unless filler, usually starch, is added to the herb product. Often 20% filler is commonly added so the machines don’t clog. That means you’re paying 100% but getting only 80% active herbal ingredients. Capsules are easy to take, however, at most they hold only 1/2 a gram of product per capsule. This is a very small dose of herbs.. You need to take 6-8 capsules 3 times a day to receive a standard dosage of 3-4 grams. That’s 24 capsules a day. Another downside to the capsules, neither the containers nor the capsules themselves are air tight. When you consume a natural product, it begins to breakdown when exposed to air. Just as bananas sitting out for too long turn brown. PAC Herbs granules are sealed in air tight packets immediately after cooking and drying. This means active ingredients are as fresh as the day they were cooked. A fresher product is always better. Tablets are another form of processed herbs. They also have disadvantages similar to capsules, but because they require binders and stabilizing agents. PAC Herbs granules are 100% pure herbal medicinal.

How do our products compare?

As an informed consumer, it is important that you look for products that have been researched clinically and standardized to guarantee bio-equivalence. Bio-equivalence refers to ensuring that the product on the market is equivalent to the one on which clinical trials were successfully conducted. PAC Herbs uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most sophisticated standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance. Most companies that manufacture herbal medicines are neither equipped nor care to perform such expensive fingerprinting test. PAC Herbs products are tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Many herbal companies will not disclose where their raw material originates, or whether they are tested for contaminants. PAC Herbs gives you all the information up front to be an informed consumer. Our manufacturer, KPC Manufacturing is a global leader in scientifically validated herbal medicine since 1950’s and their products are marketed in more than 45 countries including Germany and Australia which have much stricter government regulations over herbal supplements than the United States. KPC has received many awards and government recognitions over the years for it’s manufacturing facility technology and laboratories.

Yes, We believe in recycling and a paperless world is better.

We often ship orders in boxes from our vendors and we use biodegradable packing popcorn made out of cornstarch whenever possible. We will always email your receipt and use the least amount of packaging possible for all our products. Thank you for your help in recycling too.