Free Marketing Cards & Acrylic Stand (charge for stand only)


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Marketing Cards are always FREE for Health Practitioners.

Don’t hesitate to get this for your office today!

These marketing tools are a great way to tell your patients you carry products for:

Corydalis Pain Relief, Menopause, Relax, Brain Boost, iSleep, Skinny Boost, PMS Relief, & Libido Boost

Immune Boost & Sugar Control Herb Packs – coming soon!

The acrylic stand (a $10.00 value) hold 4 tiers of cards and takes up very little space.. (just 4″ x6″)

We send as many marketing cards as you want… FREE.. No charge ever.

$10.00 covers just this heavy-duty acrylic stand. When you need more marketing cards just send a quick note or email and let us know which ones you need and we’ll be happy to re-stock your supply.

If you would like only the cards .. just send us a note with your order.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in

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