Our Herb Store Shipping Calculator is Stressing So Free Shipping For All

tools for wellness and stress relief Apparently, our store shipping "calculate" is stressing out from some computer bug holiday syndrome. We haven't yet found the right tool for the job. The good news is, Free Shipping for all.   If that doesn't work call us. We'll make sure you receive FREE shipping and a FREE gift for the call.

Thanks, happy herb filled holidays to all.

We've all been drinking a little more of our stress relief herbal formula, "Body Enhancer" while we get through this latest bug.

What do you do to get rid of stress in your life?  What's in your stress relief tool box? Do you scream as loud as possible? Yelling can be a good release, not for the recipient of course, but that's another story.   They say exercise is a great stress reducer, but sometimes we just have some lame excuse why we can't exercise.  I find a good walk in a meditative state can bring down the blood pressure fairly nicely.  Sometimes I'm just to hyped to sit and meditate, although meditation and breathing is an excellent stress remedy.  Chinese herbs are a nice alternative to bring down the stress naturally. 

In fact, the number one Chinese herb formula sold around the world is to reduce anger, worry, anxiety, generally speaking Stress (with a capital S). This herbal formula is called Xiao Yao San.  It's made traditionally of eight herbs boiled together. We sell it here under the name Body Enhancer.  We guarantee it will help you get through all those stressful moments.  Drink this tea daily to take the edge off those emotional high's and lows  It's been used for over 1000 years safely and effectively.  Yes, even in the year 1010 people experience job loss, death, disease, poverty and all the same afflictions that can stress us out today.  Even relatives visiting for the holidays… some things never change.       Peace!