No Witchcraft Says January Jones About Her Placenta Pills

placenta encapsulationEating your placenta is catching on now that more Hollywood stars are doing it.  January Jones who gave birth to her son last September talked about it recently in People Magazine. 

Jones said her secret to high energy during a grueling shooting schedule was eating well and taking her encapsulated placenta pills. 

Congratulation to January for recognizing the benefits of ingesting your own placenta after childbirth.  She insists it is not "witchcraft" and she's absolutely right! It's no small feat to be a working mom. You've got to do everything possible to stay healthy when you are nursing and working. Eating placenta cooked with Chinese herbs has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and is one of the many secrets from the East. American women need exposure to these health secrets. We need to learn how to support our health with natural herbs rather than caffeine, sugar and junk food.

The human placenta is just one small part of Chinese herbal medicine.  The herbs the placenta is cooked with also provide substantial benefits to the final encapsulated product.  There are many excellent Chinese herbs to help new moms regain their energy, rebuild their bodies and support the production of breast milk.  Energy Booster Herb Pack is a formulation that is over 500 years old. A commonly used group of herbs to build natural energy by strengthening digestion and building blood.  Chinese herbs have been a natural energy booster for generations that are safe and effective. 


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