Energy Drinks Are Banned – Herbs Are Caffeine Alternative

Herbal energy drinksA sign of the times…. a school board in Florida decided it does not want the kids and teens attending their schools to be hyped up on energy drinks full of caffeine.  Fantastic!   Way to go Manatee Florida!!!!

Healthy teenagers should have no shartage of energy and no need for caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and Full Throttle, which are just a few the school board recently banned.

Research has shown energy drinks contain high quantities of sugar, caffeine and other unregulated additives that can pose dangers for children and teens.

Energy drinks have also been found to contribute to anxiety and depression in addition to interfering with medications. High caffeine levels also affect blood pressure, brain function and heart rate. The ban will be imposed for the 2012-2013 school year and  students caught with energy drinks could face suspension.

Even though teens are often pushed to exhaustion with home work and sports activities, a sugary, caffinated energy drink is not the answer.  (or a drink loaded with artifical sweetners)  If you want to stay alert, focused and energized without caffeine ckeck out our Energy Booster Herb Pack.  It's loaded with natural herbal alternatives that have proven benefits for boosting endurance, focus and clarity.