Dr. Oz Talks Chinese Herbs For Stress and Fatigue

My hearty congratulations to Dr. Oz yesteXrday for finally recognizing he needed a show talking about Chinese Herbs.  It is always nice when the good doctor gets on board with alternative medicine, which is "Main Stream Medicine" throughout Asia.   

As he quickly mentions at the beginning, Chinese herbs have been used for centuries.  What he didn't mention is that over ONE BILLION people on the planet currently use Chinese herbs everyday for their health and wellness and have for over 2000 years….. continously.

Dr. Oz had a Chinese Medicine expert (a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist) talk about the number one formula sold around the world for stress.   It's called Xiao Yao Wan (or Xiao Yao San)  and the translation is Free and Easy Wanderer Formula. (We sell it in a delicious tasting packet of granules to drink as a tea.) 

If you get anxious, nervous or agitated this is the perfect Chinese herb formula to relax your nerves. It can be used safely everyday without side effects.  Billions of dollars are spent each year on this Chinese herbal formula because the one thing people have in common all around the world in STRESS!!   Regardless of race, religion or economic status, people experience stress.  

The herbs in Free and Easy Wanderer have been cooked together for over 500 years and clinical trials have proven the results from drinking this tea.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine this formula unblocks the Qi (energy) in the liver and helps it more.  When Qi is moving we feel calmer and less stressed.  The principal is similar to exercising to reduce stress. Because when we get our blood moving, when we are less stagnant or sedentary, tensions naturally disipates and we feel better.  Even a brisk walk can help move your Qi and you can cope with your stress levels better. 

When you need a little help in reducing those stressful feelings, try Xiao Yao Wan.  The eight herbs include white peony root, mint, licorice root, ginger, dang gui and others.  For more information on the herbs in Xiao Yao Wan and our packets just click here. 


You can see the show segment here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/herbal-remedies-conquer-fatigue-pt-1

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