Corydalis – The Natural Pain Reliever

Corydalis is a great natural pain reliever. Pacific Herbs sell the highest quality Chinese herbs available and corydalis is just one of the many herbs we stock. Corydalis is well known and used throughout Asia for headaches, backaches and menstrual cramps. Usually found in a combination of herbs, corydalis is in PMS Relief Herb Pack for its pain relieving properties.  PMS Relief Herb Pack here and Corydalis Granules Here.


Please note:  Corydalis should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or by anyone with an irregular heart rhythm.  Although corydalis comes from a natural root it may have interactions with medications such as hypnotics, sedatives, cancer medications and anti-arrhythmic drugs.


Always talk to your health care professional if corydalis is safe for you.


Not every Chinese herb is right for everyone. Pacific Herbs encourages you to check with a licensed Acupuncturist trained in Chinese herbal medicine and discuss how acupuncture and a comprehensive herbal formula can improve your health. 


 Check  for a licensed acupuncturist near you.