How the Affiliate Partner Program Works

Refer and Earn!

Generate extra income by driving traffic to your website and sales to Pacific Herbs. Use our herbal products to improve your clients’ health while creating additional income. Health practitioners and health centered retail outlets can earn a recurring 15% commission for the lifetime of the program. The Pacific Herbs Affiliate Partner Program is absolutely FREE with no commitment or minimum sales requirement.

Pacific Herbs Affiliate Partner Program

The Payoff

  • Dedicated Partner Team
  • Recurring 15% commissions
  • Monthly commission payments for the duration of a referred client’s account
  • No caps on your commissions
  • Special gifts for reaching Partner milestones

Example: Selling 3 of any Pacific Herbs products per week, will earn you $100.00 (approx.) of additional income monthly.

Resources For Successful Patient Outcomes

We want our Affiliate Partners to deliver the highest quality Chinese herbs to patients that need them. We are dedicated to providing our health Partners a wide range of valuable resources to ensure that your clients know exactly what Pacific Herbs is all about to insure a long term relationship.

As a Pacific Herbs partner, you’ll receive:

•  Direct access to our Affiliate/Partner Program manager to help you start earning today.
•  Multiple size banners and images for maximum exposure on your website.

•   24/7 access to your very own Affiliate Partner Center to track your earnings and utilize promotional tools.
•  Internet marketing education so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

What Our Partners Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Affiliate Partner?

How much do you pay in commissions?

We pay 15% on the retail price of each product. You receive 15% of the listed price on the Pacific Herbs website. Your commissions generate as long as the client has an open account with us and continues to purchase. Pacific Herbs prices fluctuate at times. Commissions will be generated automatically according to amount paid at time of sale excluding applicable taxes.

When do you make Partner payments?

We make Affiliate Partner commission payments on the last Friday of each month providing you have met our $100 threshold for each payment period.  We also must have your valid PayPal address on file direct or bank deposit set-up and a current W-9 on file.

How do you track leads and sales?

We track leads and sales through the Partner links that you find within the Affiliate Partner Center. The Partner links contain cookies which track your referrals through website banner links and are unique to you.

What is a qualified sale?

A qualified sale is any customer who makes a purchase of a commissionable product through your Affiliate Partner banner which links to the Pacific Herbs website.

Where can I find the Partner Program Terms and Conditions?

 Click here to view the Pacific Herbs Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

Please feel free to contact our Affiliate Partner Management team with any questions or concerns by emailing

What if I need a different banner size?

We provide several standard banner formats.  If your website needs a particular size that is different, we are happy to try and accommodate your needs.  Please send your request to

Affiliate Partner Banners

Step #1

View banners below.

Now, choose your favorites and download them to your computer for later use. It’s Easy!  Right click on a banner and select “save image as” to download to your computer.  Check your download folder.  This is usually where the banners (or any downloads) get saved on your computer.  You may have a down arrow on the top your home page.  If you click on that arrow you will see your downloads.  Copy and save as many banners as you like.

Step #2

Once you are an approved Affiliate Partner (Click here to sign up now If you haven’t already) go to our Partnership Welcome Page and obtain your “Custom Affiliate Tracking Code”.

Step #3

Link your “Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes” to the banner images you place on your website.

Step #4

Send your patient referrals to your website to click on the banners to order Pacific Herbs products and start earning additional income!!!

Click on banner headings to view banners for each product.

iSleep Herb Pack Banners

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Chinese herbs sleep

Skinny Boost Herb Pack Banners

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Libido Boost Herb Pack (Him & Her) Banners


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PMS Relief Herb Pack Banners

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Natural Pet Calm Herb Pack Banners

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