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KPC Factory - Kaiser Pharmaceutical Company Taiwan

The worlds most advanced herbal processing plant.


Chinese Herb extraction

All our formulas of herbs are cooked together with filtered purified water. Cooking herbs together preserves the natural synergistic actions of the beneficial herbal compounds which Traditional Chinese medicine formulas are known for.



Computerized testing equipment for Chinese herbs



A chemical fingerprint of each herb is identified to confirm the correct plant specie and insure each herb batch meets a laboratory standard for potency. High-performance liquid chromatography is just one of several tests performed on each batch of herbs.



Chinese Herb Cooking /Extraction Process

Herb granule machine Herb Drying Process



The flow drying process is a patented process by KPC. Once the herbal extract is dried into a fine powder it is immediately placed into packets. This insures the highest potency and freshness because packets are air and moisture sealed until you open them.



Strict Safety Standards



Testing for pesticide residues includes looking at chemical compounds within fertilizer and the resulting compounds produced as a byproduct of chemical reactions within the plant and on the surface of the plants. Cutting edge technology to insure only the purest products leave the KPC factory.





Cathy at factory where Chinese herbs just arrived and about to enter the temperature controlled/refrigerated storage area.



Bulk Chinese herbs



In this picture you can see bulks of different Chinese herbs sacks at herb market.