A Breast Cancer Free World Is Possible

Demi Moore and breast cancer awarenessThank you Demi Moore (and her sponsor) for making a really terrific Public Service Announcement regarding breast health, for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  If you haven’t seen Demi’s commercial (see below) she says, while we are searching for a cure for breast cancer, we really have to start with individuals.  “We know our own bodies, just take the time to know what it’s telling you.”  I couldn’t agree more.  


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One great way to know your body is through a self love and tapping technique (see it here).  You can also learn about the pioneering work by Breast Health expert Lara Koljonen at EssentiallyPink.com.  Lara is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist in San Diego, CA.   Her work to increase breast HEALTH awareness has been going on for several years.  Essentially Pink is the leader in the breast health movement.  Let’s face it, as Demi Moore says, breast cancer awareness is really about women knowing their bodies and listening to what’s going on. Not waiting on “a cure”.


The Essentially Pink protocol is best described with the acronym S.E.X.Y. 

S is all about the self breast massage and tulip tap.

E is the emotional component.  Loving yourself – tell yourself everyday “I am Love”.

X  out stress through exercise, acupuncture and meditation.

Y  is the breast health YES  foods like Broccoli, flaxseeds, dark leafy vegetables and fiber. 


One aspect of the EssentiallyPink.com breast cancer prevention protocol is a Chinese herb tea aptly named, Breast Health Tea.  We are a proud partner of Essentially Pink and the Breast Health Tea


If you are in the San Diego area and are a women at high risk for breast cancer or are a breast cancer survivor you may want to contact Lara at 619-564-8308 to discuss being included in an ongoing study funded by Emergen-C and Keep-a-Breast Foundation.  There is no cost and the benefits are learning about holistic ways to take care of your body and make the world breast cancer free.  

4 thoughts on “A Breast Cancer Free World Is Possible

  1. Eileen Rodgers

    I have a comment to make regarding Demi Moore message. I agree we need to stay in tuned to what our bodies are telling us BUT some breast cancer (or other cancers) don't show signs. That is why mammograms are so important. She should be addressing screening, not waiting for one to show lumps or feel sick. My breast cancer could not be felt. I physically felt fantastic when I went for my annual mammogram three years ago. If I did not have my annual mammograms I probably would not be here today.
    thank you for reading.
    Best and Good Health!

  2. Cathy Margolin

    I so agree with you Eileen we do need to stay in tuned with our bodies. Preventative medicine, I believe, is the best way to do this. Thank goodness you found your breast cancer before symptoms arose. I endorse thermography exams for this purpose. Unfortunately studies are showing the high dose of radiation directly to breast tissue during mamograms is harmful. Thermography shows cancer cells emitting heat and can find abnormal cells very early.

  3. Cathy

    Sorry to hear Demi is having some personal problems.  Nobody is perfect and it must be extremely difficult to have your personal life advertised to the world when you are a super star.   We wish Demi a speedy recovery and resolve from her personal challenges.&nbsp.

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